Monday, May 10, 2010

Teaching Scrapbook

Well, despite what it may appear, I do have a day job. Teaching for the last 2 years has been rewarding beyond belief. I never would have thought I'd be a teacher growing up. I was set on doing Music/Dance/Theater (to perform) or Nursing (to help people), and settled on something kindof in the middle where I get to do both: Teaching. I get to perform in front of 30+ audience members every day, always finding better ways to keep their attention and give the right message, and in the most entertaining way. AND I get to help people. (Just a warning, this is going to be the biggest blog entry you have ever read. Its more of a way to document the experieces for myself, a kind of yearbook for me.) One of the classes I teach is called CTE (Career and Technical Education). I teach a quarter of it, the Family & Consumer Science portion, on rotation, so I get to see a majority of the 7th grade. Its required by the State of Utah, so I get an even number of boys and girls, all darling and scared to be in junior high. The first thing I teach is cooking!! I posted these pictures before, but here shows the difference between boys and girls in their table settings.
We make caramel popcorn, breakfast burritos, and then put on a restaurant! We interview for the positions of manager, cashier, hostess, cooks, waiters, bussers, etc. The one half works while the other half are customers, and then we switch. We make smoothies and breadsticks with different choices of sauces.
My mentor and friend, Lenora, has helped me so much to learn the ropes!

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