Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Giga Boys

Remember tamachotchis?  Giga pets?  Nano babies?  Weren't they cool?!  Does anyone remember racing back to their locker to frantically feed their digital baby and clean up their three poops, give them some medicine, play a quick game, and then do it again during lunch break because the toys weren't allowed in class, but you had to keep them alive this time!?

But it wasn't enough to have just one!  You wanted another one and another one, and you were so cool and felt more responsible the more you had and the more you can handle.  I liken my two boys unto tomachotchies :)  I like to collect children like toy fads.  Just kidding.  Its kind of fun juggling two babies to one me.  Ya, its a little crazy sometimes and they never seem to be sleeping at the same time, but looking back, I wonder how did I ever feel busy with just one baby?  Were there really days on end where I felt I didn't/couldn't find time to shower?  Really, newbie mom Camille?  You were weak! 

or those of you who missed the toy craze of the '90s, I hear there's a Tamagotchi Pet Raptor App. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Little Slugger

 What a cute bundle, huh?!  In honor of baseball season, and with all the Red Sox hype around here, we thought we'd go with a baseball theme.  I LOVE that we had some family props:
 The baseball mitts that belong to Parley's two grandpas

Monday, May 14, 2012


I think Lincoln and Parley are definitely brothers!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom to the Rescue

Jason has been a huge help to me, but he had to go back to work on Monday.  Plus he's in super-study mode for the CFA June 2nd, and is using all the spare time he has to study.  Enter Super Grandma!

We kicked off the week with a fun excursion to the Mobile Food Fest for lunch and a one-hour Boston Harbor cruise!

 Then we filled the week with numerous errands, baby announcement photoshoots, baby footprinting, a hunt for a social security card, lots of peanut butter cereal, a baby swing fiasco, double stroller shopping, a grocery stock-up, some spring cleaning, and even a free night of babysitting for a date night!

If I had any doubts about my abilities to successfully handle two children, Mom sure left me with confidence that I can do this!  Thank you thank you and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whooooo Loves You?

It turns out that Parley's baby announcements are going to be another week or two to come back from the printers, but we needed some more Parley pics up on this blog, so we played around a little today with a cute owl hat!

And then we tried pictures without the hat, but he looked just a little too much like Baby Jesus in the hay :)

My sweet newborn! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Newbie Parley

For his fans...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Trip to the Tanning Beds

Well, we've been monitoring Parley's billiruben count since we left the hospital, and it kept rising at his pediatrician appointments Monday and Tuesday.  He wasn't doing so hot with his feedings--they were only lasting 5-10 minutes before he'd konk out, or he'd go for long stretches and just be too sleepy to eat, and he was looking pretty orange.  We were told he needed treatment back at the hospital, so directly after another (hormonally emotional) appointment, I picked up my still packed hospital bag and Jason dropped us off at the hospital again.  They hooked up Parley to some monitors and set him in a lighted incubator to help get all the biliruben out.  He would sun-bathe for 3 hours at a time, then I got to feed him and cuddle him for a half hour, and I could always reach inside and hold his hand.  The ladies there were so sweet and reminded me so much of mom.  I think about her being so kind to her patients and I so appreciate those terrific nurses who just make all the difference for a scared young mother.
Parley is doing better--his levels go down with each blood test and he's eating a little more and staying awake a little longer every time.  It was so hard to see him so lethargic, just so weak and dehydrated, and to have to watch him from outside his box.  But things are looking up!  I agree with my dad, that the birth was just so easy, there had to be a hiccup somewhere!

Through these birth and jaundice episodes, I've realized how much I rely on Jason and how wonderful he's been this week for me :) I'm just an emotional wreck, as I expected.  Crazy post-partum hormones.  Jason, thank you for supporting me and loving me and being our family rock this week.  Your hugs are my most favorite thing lately.  I'm so glad you've been home for us this week, and there to play super dad for Lincoln while I'm away.  I believe there is nothing we can't handle together.  With the two of us, our family will be strong and super :)