Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Married is Wonderful

Can I just say that married life is so absolutely enjoyable, fulfilling, rewarding, etc.? Honest, its like a date that never ends, coming home every evening to someone who loves and listens and cares about you! I love being the wife: I love being the cook, the cheerleader, the supporter, the decorator :) Well, Jason is swamped with finals right now, with one a day this whole week. How nice to be done with finals myself! However, yesterday the principal came to my 4th period to observe my teaching, which was somewhat nerve-wracking, but kindof fun to show off this great lesson I'd prepared on textiles. I sure had the students enthralled when I pulled out a lighter and we burned some of the fabric samples to see the difference between natural and synthetic fibers. The principal scored me pretty well (with top scores for "teacher shows enthusiasm for the content being taught")! Our marriage certificate finally came in the mail (we're official!) so today I went all around town changing my name with the social security office, drivers license bourough, my bank, etc. There are so many legalities! Fun though. Well, Merry Christmas!