Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Learners

 My little cuties are so fun lately!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Challenge: A Different Outfit for a Year

Today I have officially worn a different outfit to church every Sunday for a full year!  No repeats.

Mother's Day marks a full year that we've been in our Cambridge Ward, and on our first week, I gave myself the challenge to not repeat a single outfit for a solid year.  I thought it would give me a great opportunity to find out what I actually had in my closet, why I don't wear certain outfits anymore, and how I could use this or that stash of fabric I've always wanted to get to.

Before you think I'm one of those girls with piles and heaps of clothes, let me explain.  I sew a lot of my clothes!  Our ward also holds a quarterly swap meet where we trade clothes every few months!  Its a great way to expand our wardrobes without paying a dime.  I also am a big time thrifter, right?  But then its also true that a many of my 52-weeks of outfits were free review items for giveaways, but certainly not half of them.  In some of these pictures, I'm just showcasing the top, the makeup, the accessory, the camera strap...

As I went through a lot of these, I decided, "Ya, I don't care if I ever wear this again", and off to eBay or Etsy it went.  This was a great way to pare down my wardrobe to things I actually like and want to wear. 

Sometimes I get Jason to do a little modeling :)  I just gave him the challenge to wear all 50 of his ties without repeats for a year.