Monday, May 24, 2010


I was GOING to be early to school as I got into Jason's beast of a car in the pouring rain this morning, until it wouldn't start and I realized it was going to be one of those. Some big problem I'm sure, because its not the battery. I called my cousin Gary, who is holding my brother's car for the summer while he's in Alaska, but when he went down to pick me up, Travis' car wouldn't start either. It was wedged between two other cars so they couldn't reach it to jumpstart. So my other kind cousin Carl offered his car this morning, but without heat in the car, I had to hold a hair-dryer-type-heater to the windshield as I drove through the SNOWSTORM so I could even see the road. Seriously, there was snow covering the ground on May 24th. Of course, I was late to work and ran in to see the principal teaching my first period class. Thank you everyone! We'll see how the car does in the morning. Just 4 more days of school, Smelly Nelly, then I'll leave you alone and I won't put so much pressure on you to perform.

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Sabrina said...

I have heard all about that crazy snow storm. Of all the luck in the world, you had to have all that car trouble. I am sure you can't wait to get to that warm Houston weather.