Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes it's true, we have an announcement! We have made it three months since we got married today!! Mua ha ha. Had you going there didn't I? You thought I was gonna say that something like we were getting a dog or a ficus tree? We went to the New Play Project tonight, which is where a bunch of local people submit plays that they've written and are performed at this little tiny theater at 100 N and 100 E in Provo. It was way good. What's more special about it, is that the New Play Project was Camille and I's first date back on the 1st of August last year. So Camille asked some director guy that she knew to stand up there and announce that today was a special date in the audience because the New Play Project was their first date back in August of last year, and now they are back celebrating their 3 month anniversary of their wedding. Little conniving wife... It was way good though. I was very impressed. Much better than the first time Cami and I went. Things are great with us. I'm looking for an internship right now. It's an extremely tough market right now. If anyone is looking for an intern, preferably paid, in the business sector, send them my way. That would be awesome.

(At the Valentine's Dance, the night before I cut Jason's hair :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring, Spring, Spring

Even though it was still 28 degrees this morning, and there was still frost to scrape off my car, it felt a little bit like spring this morning! Maybe it was because it was sunny and the birds were chirping, and the weather men were talking about it being rainy and in the 40s all next week. Beautiful! The onset of spring always gets me so excited about what the summer will bring. Good things happen in the summer, like falling in love, family vacations, and not thinking about school. It makes me want to sew skirts, cut my hair, and pull out my flipflops. I think I'm just like my mom in that I always have to have something to look forward to, or else I'll die. There has to be something for me to speculate and fantasize about as I fall asleep every night. So I'm starting to make my list of creative projects to start, and I'm looking up any and all possible auditions, and already trying to talk Jason into performing in one with me J though I should probably let him focus on school, darn it. I was thinking about last year, and how I started about now auditioning for everything under the sun, and how oddly, I couldn't make it into anything. Every show or program or group I applied or auditioned for fell through, and at the time I was so frustrated and confused that I just couldn't do anything I wanted. So I said, "fine, I'll do Center Street again" because it felt like a last resort, and the performances weren't going to start until well into the school year. And I met the love of my life, and it turned out the be the most incredible fairly tale dream of a love story that I wouldn't have traded for anything in the world. I guess from that story I learned that I don't really know what I want. And maybe that our lives are totally in someone else's hands, someone who knows us much better, and in trusting Him, He actually gives us what we wanted in the first place. And I think I've really gone on a tangent.

Oh What a World

The economy crisis is a little scary right now, for everyone, employed or otherwise, securely situated, or on the verge of being laid off. I thought the U.S. would always need educators, but apparently, no one is safe. Our district is cutting costs by 4% this year, and 12% next year. Policy says to lay off the newly hired, part-timers first, which would be me and me, but somehow the administration thinks our school will be ok. We’re reducing the number of copies and school supplies and taking away all field trips, but hopefully because of the hiring freeze, and still additional students coming in next year, everyone can keep their job. Good news, though--last month, we were told that the State Board of Education is taking back their promise of giving us a $1000 signing bonus, but apparently today they changed their mind and are actually going to follow through with it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Aerobics Class

Last week in my Teen Living class (its an elective semester-long class for 9th graders, with 33 girls and 3 boys, and my absolute favorite class to teach), we were talking for a day about stress and stress-relieving techniques--the most important being diet and exercise. So the day before, I told them to dress comfortable, bring a water bottle, and don't forget deoderant! When they got to class, I had moved all the desks and chairs to the side, and started playing "Pump Up the Jam", and led them through a pretty intense 20-min. aerobic workout. I made sure to throw in a lot of masculine taebo moves so that the 3 boys in my class would get more into it. Then we laid on the floor and listened to Enya while I led them through a deep breathing visualization activity. I love Stress Day. The kiddies probably think I'm crazy :)