Sunday, July 31, 2011

For Better or Purse

Since its been a little cooler around here the last few days, I've been able to get back into my un-airconditioned sewing room. My old wallet has been on its way out and has become a favorite chew toy around here, so I pulled out some fabric leftover from my maternity pictures and made an Etsy-worthy accessory.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Love a Piano

We bought a piano! We found a practically new Williams Williams Overture weighted 88-key keyboard on Craiglist for half price. We thought this would be a great option while we probably have a few more moves before we're really settled, and getting a real piano up our stairs was not even an option. 150 lbs was much better than 500. Its so wonderful to have a piano in our home!! I've gotten SO rusty!
Lincoln's getting a head start on his piano lessons. Little does he know how many hours he will clock on this thing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mike's Pastry

Ok, who's been to Boston and has tried these delicious cannolis?! Definitely should be on the list of every resident and tourist. Classic. Best $3.50 piece of heaven around. My favorite part is the adorable box they tie up with string. Its easy to see several of these boxes on every subway leaving downtown.

Anyone who visits us is definitely getting a cannoli here :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ode to my Man

The other night I had a dream that me and Jason were on a soccer team together and in the middle of a tough game. He saw that I got the ball and with his brute strength, he held back some of the other players to let me score!
I told him in the morning about my dream and he said how it was symbolic of us in real life, and I've been thinking about how true that is! Thank you, Jason, for letting me do the things I love (though soccer isn't necessarily one of them). Thank you for making it possible for me to stay at home with our baby and be the mom I've always always wanted to be. Thanks for letting me score and building me up. I love being on the same team with you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Beach Day

We entered a sand sculpting contest! I made a turtle:And Jason made a sweet Zeus-like weather god. We didn't win, but it was still fun making them! :)
He was out before we even got him to the stroller!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nine Months. Big.

(I forgot to mention how much I love that he drools like a dog. I put him in this outfit literally 10 min before I took pictures and he was already soaked!)

Friday, July 15, 2011


On a free Saturday, we ventured over to the Boston Public Library to make some noise and cause a disturbance among all the studying smart kids.
We threw paper wads, mixed up some books on shelves, and played on the elevators until we got kicked out.It was a great day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Edna + Al

I unpacked our last boxes yesterday (hallelujah!) and gathered all of Jason's mission journals and binders into a pile for him to go through. Among his Florida mission stuff is this nasty alligator head he calls "Al" that he used to hide around the house to scare me as I opened the microwave, the cupboard, etc. And now its Edna Mode's favorite place to perch! Oh Edna.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Park Remark

Last weekend we tried out the East Boston legendary "Santarpio's" pizza (yes, I think it might have lived up to its "Best Pizza of Boston" title) and discovered some more fabulous parks: East Boston Memorial Park and Breman Street Park. We've really been impressed with the parks around here. They are so well-kept and most have a policeman or two on duty at all times. I love how many chidren are in our city and how family friendly it is over here. I can't wait to have a boy who wants to run around! It might be awhile though--he's showing 0 interest in crawling or anything that involves mobility. No need to bother when his parents wait on him hand and foot. Lincoln tried out a swing for the first time, loved it, and is practically ready for underdogs. We sure missed Daddy while we were away last week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Campfire Cake

At our reunion last week, we got to celebrate Evan and Levi's birthdays. For Levi's cake, I made a campfire! I used two cake mixes spread out among four jelly roll pans and rolled them up in towels to cool. I gave two of the 'logs' support with biscuit wrapping to they wouldn't fall in the middle. Fork tines made the wood grain, assorted donut holes for charcoal, and twists of fruit roll ups for flames! Huzzah!
Happy Birthday Levi!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beware the Bite

Aww, look at those adorable two front teeth! Awww... But beware. When you least expect it, he may be cuddling on your shoulder and casually bite your arm. And then casually bite your other arm hard enough to make it bruise! Awww, what cute teethmarks, right? And this was from biting me through my bathrobe! Yikes!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Vacay - Part 3

Thursday we rented a double-decker pontoon and chilled out on the water all afternoon!
As you can see, Lincoln just loved wearing his baby life jacket!
Add white water rafting on the last day, and that makes for one entertaining and exhausting vacation! Thanks mom and dad!

Family Vacay - Part 2

Wednesday we spent a few hours at Sir Gooney's Fun Zone to satisfy the younger crowd. My mom did an incredible job arranging a vacation to entertain ages 7-24, plus an infant. Roommates of mine can tell you how putt-putt was my #1 least favorite date in college :) Its a lot better with your siblings! That evening we went on the Southern Belle dinner cruise! Delicious, scenic, relaxing...perfect.

Family Vacay - Part 1

Last week we rented an adorable house with a pool and hot tub, close enough to Chattanooga so we could go out and see things everyday. We drove the 8 hours there on Monday, swam, ate Papa Murphy's and played games. Tuesday, we rode "America's Most Amazing Mile", up to a look out where you can see six states at once. Very steep, very cool.
Later that day we walked through some sweet caves to see Ruby Falls--America's highest underground waterfall. Link did NOT want to be held by anyone but me for the first few days and I couldn't even walk to the fridge without him freaking out. It was getting exhausting, but eventually he warmed up to his grandparents, aunt, and uncles.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of Jello

We had a fabulous 4th, didn't you?! We met up with some friends from our old ward and put on a barbeque at the MIT housing playground, along the Charles river. The hit this year: strawberries and jello on bottom, cubed pieces of cake, then whipped cream and berries. SO easy, and one of the first things to go.Then we put baby to bed only to pull him out again at 10:30pm to see the fireworks! Turns out you can watch them from this Piers Park that is about 2 blocks walk away from us, overlooking the water with a perfect view of the lit up city. Beautiful!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Red White & Blue

Me and Lincoln got to spend a week with my family at a cabin in Georgia all last week! It was simply a perfect vacation (except that Jason wasn't there), and a rare occasion to have all the family together (again, except for Jason).
This was Day 1, where a huge bout of separation anxiety was about to ensue.
Un-pictured highlights:
before and after weigh-ins
"dam" jokes every time we crossed one
push up contests
$300+ worth of junk food
'address everyone by their middle name' day
'talk with a southern accent' day
the whole family singing in church, and no one complaining about it, except my dad from the pulpit