Saturday, May 15, 2010

Men and their Meat

I really miss Jason :( A week and a half down, two and a half to go. I miss my car too, but I kindof like driving his beastly Oldsmobile because it reminds me of him. I used to get really excited every time I saw his car, because it meant he was home, and so now, I see his car all the time, he's not home, but I still get excited when I see it. And I wear his bathrobe around the house because it smells like him. And I keep making meals that turn out to be way too much food for one person, so I end up eating them for the whole week. Alone.
Before Jason left, he cooked up these yummy ribs. I think cooking meat on his grill is one of his absolute favorite things to do! He's really good at it--he should cook for you sometime. Mega Ribs

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R*R said...

I know how hard it is to have your husband gone! Rob got a job in early March with Halliburton, a big oil drilling company. He left at the end of March for training. We live in Idaho Falls and he was hired on in their North Dakota location, about 700 miles away. We just found out yesterday that he'll finally get to come home next week! After that he'll be on a rotation schedule; two weeks on, one week off. I'm so excited to see him! Being alone all the time is only fun for so long, I don't know how military wives do it!