Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mechanical Babies

And then for a night (or sometimes a whole weekend), they check out a mechanical baby which has a computer box inside that tallies every account of head support problems, neglect, abuse, minutes of crying, etc. Almost every one of them come back the next morning swearing to never have children. :) Excellent, that was the point of the activity. You're too young to have kids. So its been a fulfilling 2 years. I'm sure I'll come back to teaching again one day, but for now, its time to try out this 'mom' job. We'll see if its my thing :) I've learned so much, and grown SO much as a speaker and teacher. I can't believe what its taught me, and hopefully I've been able to touch some lives for the better. I got this from a girl who never spoke once in class, who I thought hated me and this class the entire semester: "I loved this class because we had a great teacher who always made us happy, we had fun projects and not the kind that made you want to kill yourself, and I learned alot over the months. I just have to say that it has been fun. I loved having you as a teacher. Whenever I was mad or in a bad mood, this class would always cheer me up and make me smile. I never left this class upset. Unlike all my other classes, I didn't not wanna come to this one." I hope that they remember that I cared about them, and want them all to become great people. What a rewarding, fulfilling job. Every morning I get so excited to teach and influence. I feel SO VERY useful as a teacher. I understand how giving and teaching fills your needs completely. Oh I can't wait to give and teach some more!

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Miranda-Jayne said...

I love this!! You have done such a wonderful job as a teacher...I remember when you first got the job and were so excited about it. I have no doubt you were one of the best teachers those kids have ever had...And you are going to be the most amazing mom ever! :)