Sunday, June 28, 2009

So today, I almost ran over...

LOL, so we were on our ward activity/date night on Friday night to the BYU Planetarium and decided to go out to ice cream afterwards. The consensus was to go to the creamery. So we pull into the creamery and a guy walks through the parking lot with his wife, all dressed up like all normal mormons do when they go to church. Camille says, "He looks like a general authority." I said, "Heh, at the creamery yah, uh huh." He turned his head to check traffic and it was none other than Elder Christopherson heading to the creamery for ice cream. We walked inside with the rest of our group and heard all these whispers about apostles. We walked up to the line and were standing right behind Elder Bednar who was paying at the cash register for their ice cream, and Elder Anderson turned around and said "How about a hand shake?" I was speachless as I shook an apostles hand. We spent the next 20 minutes sitting 5 feet or less eating ice cream next to three apostles. We didn't bother them because we figured they just wanted some time to have a date night with their wives after mission president training (which I'm sure was the reason for being in Provo), but man, who woulda thought huh? Moral of this your ward activities :).

Friday, June 26, 2009


Since the movie came out on our wedding day, I never got really into the whole series, until now when I have the free time for pleasure reading. I'm on the 2nd book, don't tell me what happens!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evan from Heaven

My mom called to tell us that my little brother Evan's cancer has returned :( He's been in remission for 10 years now, after having a brain tumor when he was a baby. He goes in for brain surgery within the week and more radiation to follow. He's been through so much already, and to have to deal with it all over again, to start junior high with a bald head, my heart hurts so much for him. Prayers for him and my family are appreciated.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Jason: I love you so much, and think you're really cool. I love how you make batches of cookies and eat the whole pan with a spatula. I love how you have to make the bed perfectly before you can get in. I love how you butter your bread with a butter cube like its a stick of deoderant. I LOVE how you do the dishes for me. I love how you treat me, how you hold my hand everywhere we go, and how you know me so well that you know the moment something's wrong. I love how you let me rent girly movies and try 'healthy' dinners on you, and how you eat seconds just to make me feel better. Someday you'll be a wonderful father, just like you are a wonderful husband. You're my favorite :) Love, Wifey
(This one time, Jason started with the shaving cream, only to find our water had been turned off for the morning for some maintenance, so he couldn't even wash it off, and I laughed and had to take a picture)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So I'm always up for a karaoke contest...turns out they have this competition at the Scera, where 15 singers come and sing with a band (without having ever practiced with them). It was pretty fun singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" to Jason. Well, I get to go to finals! They're in August, coincidentally on our closing night of "Joseph" we'll see how that one goes :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cruises are for Lovers

We're leavin' on a cruise boat...

The beach at Catalina Island--a really cute little town where everyone drives golf carts.

Formal Night!

The market in Ensanada Mexico. The port stop had been canceled because of swine flu, but surprise, they came over the loudspeaker that morning and said the authorities looked the boat over and said we could get off! We were the first cruise in like 40 days to be able to get off.

The Titanic staircase.

And then we stopped by Vegas on the way back, in honor of our Bellagio honeymoon 6 months ago, but actually stayed at Excalibur. Yay vacations! For more pictures, visit my facebook:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The show must go on...

So, once upon a time, we auditioned for a show at the Scera, and it was so cool, we decided to audition for another show. After the long grueling auditioning process, they gave me a call one day and asked me to be Joseph in their summer show at the outdoor theater the Scera Shell. Ya, this coat looks kinda girly, so they're makin a new one that is sooo much more stylish, (and modern :) You'll just have to come see the show! It runs starting the first weekend of August to mid August.
The picture above depicts me in the multi-colored coat. They asked me the night before to be in this parade, along with the leads of the other shows also playing at the Scera this summer, which are West Side Story, and Beauty and the Beast. It looks nice and sunny right now, but behind the picture taker (Camille) is a big nasty cloud that covered the sky within minutes and started raining in the middle of this random parade. Who knew that Orem threw some random community festival called "Summer Fest" ? Oh well. It was still cool, and tons of people came out to see it. Later.

Weekend in Idaho

Ok, we have so much to post about, so here's from a couple weeks ago. We spent the Memorial Day weekend with mom, Diana & Marc and drove up to their cabin. Good times. Pretty Idaho.
Skipping rocks. Something all boy scouts are naturally good at, and something I will never ever be good at.

Monday, June 1, 2009

We Are Family

Travis (on the left) got back last Wednesday from serving in Taiwan,and Braden leaves this Wednesday to serve in the Samara Russia mission! We had to get the family together while were all in America for a week, especially because Travis and Jason hadn't even met.