Monday, May 10, 2010


And now on to TEEN LIVING!! This is an elective class, so I usually have 25 girls to 3 boys in these classes. This class is only for 9th graders, and all about being a teenager. Moreso than in the field of math or science, I get to talk about some deep life topics and express what I feel is so important for these teenagers to learn. We have incredible discussions and opportunities to connect with eachother. I've tried to listen and share what I've learned throughout my life as they share their experiences with divorce in the home, drugs, abuse, gossip, peer pressure, death, etc. I have absolutely LOVED teaching this class. One of my bulletin boards in my "movie star" themed classroom. One of our first classes is on dealing with STRESS, so I lead them in a fun 20-min. workout!
I try to throw in enough kick-boxing moves so the guys don't feel like its an aerobic dance routine.

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