Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Introducing the Writing Implement Organizer — a tool that joins multiple writing instruments together. Patent #8801311, created by Angela Miller

We Stay-at-Home-Moms do not simply "stay at home". We manage the errands, the appointments, the grocery trips, and everything in between, all while toting the babies, the preschoolers, and the toddlers alongside us. I have a handful of youngsters and enough experience to know that those busy little bodies need activities to keep their hands busy if there is any chance of getting them to sit still at the post office, the hardware store, or that 30-minute wait at the doctor's office. I haven't met a child who isn't drawn to a pile of markers or crayons placed before them, and my kids have really taken to coloring while we're out. The mega problem arises when all of these crayons and markers get opened. Boxes are spilled, crayons go rolling, tears are shed, and its a big mess.

When I was introduced to the Crayoctopus, I was intrigued, but when I held it for the first time, I could instantly see why it was a genius idea. Utter genius. No more spilled crayons, no more rolling writing utensils, no more hunting for the one missing color.

The design is simple and very usable.  A center connector holds a number strings that are separated with straw-like rods with an attachment at the end that can latch on to all sorts of writing utensils, such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.  The long rods completely eliminate the possibility of the writing implements becoming tangled and they allow the unused colors to rest to the side, out of the creative drawing space.

I was initially skeptical of its functionality and wondered if my kids would mind their writing tools being tethered to each other, but their drawing is not inhibited in the least, and they love having every color at their disposal.  In fact, they give a loud sigh of heartbreak whenever I forget to bring their Crayoctopuses to church each Sunday.

I'm always worried about my babies choking on small parts, so I love that there is nothing removable or loose on the Crayoctopus.  Any child that is old enough to hold a crayon can use the Crayoctopus, which makes it useful and usable to even my 1-year-old!  The novelty of a tool like this is still fresh for my older children, and I can see it being a cool possession for any child through grade school.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a handful of situations in the past few weeks where I needed my kids to sit still and quiet and where the Crayoctopus saved the day. Just this week, we were sitting at a restaurant with quite a bit of waiting time ahead of us and what could have been a torturous 20 minutes turned into a pleasant visit while the kids colored away. I try to avoid relying on a tablet or phone to keep them entertained because I feel like they get enough screen time as it is, so the idea of bringing along just one Crayoctopus and a coloring book is so appealing. They get some creative time in while I take care of business, and I can rest easy knowing that there won't be a pile of loose pieces to pick up when its time to head home.

I can't wait to pack these along on our road trips!  I'm giddy over the idea of not having to reach over to the back seat to pick up dropped markers, or scan the aisles of the plane for runaway pencils.  The Crayoctopus is going to make traveling so much more enjoyable!

 My boys LOVE their Crayoctopus tools! They prefer their crayons to be organized and contained this way over any other box, pouch, or container. There is no fighting over colors, no hunting for missing pieces, and no tedious tidying up when they're done drawing. I think the Crayoctopus is one of the best designs I've seen when it comes to a simple, usable, and organized solution for problems associated with everyday creative writing tools. I'm so glad we have a pair for our kids, and I'm excited to show other moms how much we love the Crayoctopus!

For more information about this product, you can email Crayoctopus@yahoo.com.

Disclosure: I received compensation along with these items at no cost to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.