Friday, June 24, 2011

C|A Summer Outing

We went to the Cambridge Associates Summer Outing today and enjoyed the free food, entertainment, clowns, and charactures: And even though the artist gave me a man-jaw, we think he got Link exactly right.We couldn't get his balloon animal out of his mouth! (He was highly supervised) I think he loved the chewy squeaky sound it made as he chewed it up and down. His top two front teeth are in! It totally took us by surprise!

Since we were at a pier in Charlestown, we walked over to tour the U.S.S. Casin Young, a navy destroyer used until 1960. The most interesting thing to me was the kitchen and its beasty appliances :) Holy kitchenaid.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strong Man

Groupon had a sweet deal a few weeks ago: $24 for 24 days at this Womens Healthworks gym in Cambridge. I used it for the 3 1/2 weeks before we moved to East Boston and absolutely loved it. I'm trying to decide what was the best part about it: losing baby weight, getting to watch "Dancing with the Stars" live while busting it on the treadmills, or getting to use the sauna every night.

The Lincoln Smolder

Fridays they held a "Mommy & Me" class, where we could bring our non-crawling babies to the class with us. As I predicted, while all the other sweet babies sat content in their carriers watching their mommas, Lincoln wanted to be held and swung around and lifted and bounced through the whole thing. Not satisfied to sit on the mat with toys, no. He had a perpetual grin on his face during the entire (extra) strenuous workout. When we would pick up our babies for some arm work, the other moms would lift their tiny girls like loaves of bread, while I would use everything I've got to hoist my chubby baby above my head.

How many rolls can you count?! That is one well-fed baby.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What a Loafer

I've had my eye out for wide and roomy baby shoes since my baby has some fat feet that won't fit into many normal baby shoes his size. He needed something cute for meeting all his relatives last week, and a few days before we left I fell in love with baby Grayden's shoes at church.My ward friend gave me her pattern for some adorable baby shoes, and I found these scraps in a 'free' bin at a fabric store in Cambridge. I love that the soles are two different patterns of gray. Best part: I made them reversible, so now he has a black pair as well!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rock Lobster

Well, we're moved! Despite being unable to fit our box spring and our couch up the stairwell, everything went great, and we had lots of help from our old and new ward. Our house is still in boxes and a huge mess--perfect time for company, right? My brother Derek and friends showed up the next day on a week-long senior year road trip. Staying with us are Tony, Duffy, Chris and Derek for a few days. A few weeks ago, I found a groupon for a Boston Lobster Tour, so Bachelors #1-4 joined us on an afternoon excursion. We learned about lobstering and got to keep the catch of the day!And they made a delicious dinner! We were going to keep them as pets in our bathtub for a few days, but the boys got hungry.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Scooper Bowl

We tried it out, loved it, and think we have found a new family tradition. 
All-you-can-eat ice cream.  I know, right? We went all 3 days :) With our kitchen packed up and all, it was fun to get out and meet up with Jason downtown for "lunch".(This middle picture was in the Boston Globe last Wednesday!)
We downed 52 scoops between the two of us! My favorite flavor goes to Baskin-Robbins "Gold Rush". I brought mashed carrots for Lincoln, and maybe he was tricked into thinking he was also eating ice cream, but then again, we shared the same spoon, so maybe he did.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Grandpa Jay

My Grandpa Jay Richardson passed away last Monday after several years fighting Alzheimer's. First signs of it showed up in Nauvoo in 2006 when we were serving our missions together. I especially loved getting to spend one-on-one time with him that summer.

Lincoln and I were able to fly out to Mesa where my grandma got to meet Lincoln. She used to work for an airline, and was so sweet to find a buddy pass we could use, since we were coming the farthest. The porkchop was great on the plane ride there, but the 6-hour flight home was the worst. experience. ever. It was really great how so many of us could gather to honor such a great man. My grandparents have 13 children, 64 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren and though many of the little kids stayed at home, most everyone else was able to make it there.

Even Braden!! My brother made a surprise appearance just minutes before the funeral. Me and Travis hadn't seen Braden since he got back from his mission, and he hadn't met Lincoln yet. Happy reunion. We had some good late night chats about life.

After the funeral, we all drove to Virden, New Mexico, where my grandpa grew up. This was his high school, abandoned for over 50 years. We buried him next to two of his sons who died as babies, with a beautiful desert sunset behind. My grandpa was a very kind and gentle man who never raised his voice, brought up a large and righteous family, and always led by quiet example. We're all so happy that he is freed from physical pains, up in heaven doing some amazing things already. I love you grandpa!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Egg-stra Late Bloomers

I had this project idea in mind to grow some flowers in egg shells and have a mini-garden for Easter. However, I drastically underestimated the time it would take for them to bloom. After eating a lot of omelets, I planted these little guys in February.By Easter, I had little sprouts, which were cute, but clearly, not flowers.Look at Jimmer grow!By April, I had some healthy looking greens... And now, in June, just as things are getting good, I have to throw all these out because we're moving in two days! Project: fail.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ain't She Tweet

Sorry there's been a desert of posts--my Grandpa passed away last week and Lincoln and I flew out for the funeral. More on that to come.
Well, I've been begging Jason for a bird for months now, and at Easter, he finally gave me permission to get one. I've been researching canaries, but this pretty young thing showed up for free on Craiglist, with a free cage, toys, food, and treats! And oh I love her! She's around 6 months old, sings when the faucet is running, and is hand tamed! She already lets us pet her!

I'm still thinking about names. In the running are "Peetwee", "Ursula", and "Edna Mode" (from Incredibles).