Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pregnancy & Flour Sack Babies

And THEN they can be pregnant. They all get a chance to try on the "Empathy Belly", to feel what 30 pounds on their front feels like. I make all the boys especially so they can later empathize with their wives.
Ok, now lie down on the floor and see if you could sleep like that! Its been really cool being able to talk about pregnancy this time around while being pregnant. "Now let me tell you what morning sickness is REALLY like"... And quite possibly the assignment that contributes to 95% of the students wanting to take Teen Living: getting to carry around a sack of flour for a week. They get to take it home and dress it up, and get up every morning at 2am to walk around with it. Any accounts of abuse get reported to me and their baby is confiscated by child services (me). They draw out of a hat "boy" or "girl", and 3 students in each class get twins. Our "Cute Baby" contest

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