Sunday, December 22, 2013


We've been enjoying every wonderful minute of this holiday season! 
We have kids, can you tell?
Diana and I went to see The Boston Ballet Nutcracker! It was my favorite rendition I've ever ever seen.

We made some fresh Christmas wreaths for our fireplace and front door...
...and saw the ginormous Christmas tree and lights at Feneuil Hall.

Lincoln begged incessantly to ride the horses.

And we met Santa!

We leave tomorrow for OHIO!!  Enjoy our home, Marc & Diana!  Feed the plants!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hoping to Adopt

As you visit with friends and family this Christmas season, please help spread the word if you know of anyone considering giving their child to an adoption agency.  My dear and darling sister-in-law and husband are the epitome of selflessness and love, and I can think of nothing that would make me happier than to see them with a child of their own!  Please visit their adoption blog, their profile on LDS Family Services, and watch their endearing video, filmed in our city!  Help spread the word and share the love!


See Marc & Diana's profile on LDS Family Services.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tis the Season to Get Crafty

 Need I explain this one?  I just love peg dolls.  And I reeeeeally love Nativities.
 Merry Peggy Christmas!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Update on Us

First of all, here are two darling pictures from last summer that I just saw for the first time!  Parley still has his baby curls.
Well, here's an update on us.  The kids are still cute and adorable. 
Jason is studying for the GMAT nightly, and I feel like I always have a hundred things going on.  Jason and I are loving being Primary teachers to a room full or rowdy 9 year old boys, and
we're ecstatic about another wedding in February!!

My little brother, Braden, is engaged to Lauren, also a Monson scholar, genius, returned missionary, and musical-prodigy!  They're a great match.  The wedding is in Vegas, so we're still weighing out travel options...
 Parley is still uncontrollably reckless and Lincoln is completely obsessed with floor puzzles.

These boys have already seen and played with all of their Christmas gifts, since they are all free review/giveaway items, but I'm hoping they've forgotten about them.  At least I know they'll love what they're getting!
They also are quite accustomed to boxes arriving nearly every day, and they're quick to make them into cars, spaceships, and go-carts.
Those little naked hams :).

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Evan Day

Boy oh boy, am I sorry for the lack of blogging this month.  The giveaway business kind of explodes mid-Nov until mid-Dec, and its been absolutely nuts for the past few weeks.  Things are finally slowing down and I can't contain my excitement for Christmas vacation!  Especially to spend some more time with one of my favorite guys:
Today is Evan Day, as he is undergoing his 4th brain surgery to remove another brain tumor.  At this point, he has reached his life limit of radiation, but as far as I understand, there are new kinds of chemotherapy that are available since the last time he did this 4 years ago.  Evan is a pillar of optimism, and I'm sure he'll be just fine and back to his happy, humorous and wonderful self soon.  Here's to a speedy recovery and all the love in the world, Evan!