Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boston Bound

Well, we're on our way! We get to share the journey with the Monsons who are moving to Chicago! We packed up the truck today (I can't believe our 2 families filled the entire 26 foot truck!) and are hopefully starting the journey in the morning. We were going to start up tonight and stay at Natalie's grandma's, but Provo got a little scary with the crazy snow storms going on, so we're staying at a $35 hotel around the corner that I've always wanted to stay at :) just because it looks so ghetto. Let the fun begin!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've found a new hobby this week: selling our stuff on I don't think anything has been up for more than 6 hours before its sold. We've been downsizing, or mostly just getting rid of junk we've been lugging around for 2 years, so as to better fit in our moving van. For example:Recliner, Jason found on the side of the road: $18 Water aerobic weights, bought for $15, used all summer, sold for $17
2 end tables, given to us by friends, we used them as experiments for refinishing in a cherry wood color: $15Expired Mary Kay products abandoned by a former roommate, $41Now if anyone will please take our couches! (Sabrina found these in a forclosed house year ago, am I right?)
I've been paroozing Boston Craig's list "free" section, and you can find everything from leather couches to upright pianos, hundreds of posts a day, whereas Provo's "free" section has one or two items, like a free kitty or a broken washer! I'm pretty sure we'll be able to replace everything we need to once we get there, thank you wealthy college students of Boston.
In the meantime, I'm having too much fun with this. Who knows what will be gone the next time Jason comes home!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Contest

I came across another facebook contest yesterday for "Holiday Tummy Time pictures" and just happened to have the perfect entry!
Go vote for Lincoln (once every 24 hrs) at:
Or you can find it from my facebook page. Help us win $20 to Starbucks and a mug with his picture on it!
PS--Thanks for the votes with the last contest! After a month of researching sewing machines, with the prize money and a semester of sewing jobs, I'm bidding on a new unopened Singer Curvy 8770 of my dreams on eBay for half the cost!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thanks Provo.

Its been a rockin 6 1/2 years. I've lived in 7 different apartments but all with a Provo zip code. I was thinking about how I was raised with big expectations for Provo. I needed to get here, go to school, choose a major, graduate, and find a husband in the time I'd be here. And I did everything on the list! (Including get a job, actually use my job, and have a baby!) So I guess its only fair to other planners and dreamers that I leave this cute little bubble and let another girl in to do her thing. Everyone's got to leave sometime!
Time to join the masses of people all over the world who shared a little Provo love when they were young. Thanks again Provo, you were good to me. Now let's see what Boston brings!

Friday, December 17, 2010

T + E

Glory be, my brother finally has a girlfriend he's willing to claim on facebook! Her name is Eliza and she's adorable and Travis' match in every sense of the word. And she's his girl #103. Time to end The Great Hunt, Travis :) We had fun getting to know her before we leave Provo. Good luck!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Everyone loves a ward Christmas party! Can you tell which Vegas casino (the one robbed of 1.5M today!) we patterned our gingerbread house after? Candy in one hand, Santa's beard in the other :) Good boy, make sure he knows who's in charge.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Even Better!

So plans have changed a little! We're still moving to Boston, but instead of going for an internship, we're going for a real job!! Jason got the call yesterday that Cambridge Associates would like to hire him starting January! (He was able to give the internship to another colleague) We're legitimately employed! With benefits, a salary, and 3-weeks vacation (4 next year), like a real grown-up job :) We're so excited that we'll be able to stay in Boston longer than a semester. We'll get to be real Bostonians. Come visit and we'll have tea parties!
Jason's Blurb: Here's the "About Us" section from their website: "Cambridge Associates is a privately held independent consulting firm that provides consulting and investment oversight services to more than 800 clients worldwide. We strive to help global institutional investors and private clients meet or exceed their investment objectives by offering proactive, unbiased advice grounded in intensive and independent research.

At Cambridge Associates, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to investing. Our philosophy focuses on identifying the individual objectives of each client and applying time-tested investment best practices to achieve successful results.

Widely recognized as a leading investment consulting firm to sophisticated investors, we place a special emphasis on avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining complete independence from money management firms. " So Cambridge focuses mostly on non-profit organizations, endowment funds, pension funds, museums, private investors, etc. I believe their large focus is the endowments, pension funds, and non-profit organizations however. Anywhoo, Thought we should let all know our news. Thanks for the prayers everyone! It really does work out in the end.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Accessory

I am so attached to this little boy! I call him 'my favorite accessory' because he is with me wherever I go. I love him more and more every day! (Just like I do with Jason :) Its everything I could wish for, being able to stay home with him and just be Lincoln's Mom.
Some adorable things:
  • He seems to really enjoy diaper changes. As soon as I start freeing him from clothes, he cheers up and gives me immediate smiles! I really want to buy this onsie at Target that says, "I'm happier naked".
  • If you put a shirt over his head to dress him, he totally freaks out like he's being suffocated.
  • He is quite cuddly. He'll let me spend all the time I need checking email, writing in my journal, blogging, etc. as long as he can lay on my shoulder. I'm getting really fast at typing with one hand--I feel for you Evan.
  • His new trick lately is wiping his nose all over my shirt. He loves it.
  • He used to take about 10 minutes to really wake up, but nowadays, he will pop his eyes open out of no where and be completely awake with no warning. It kindof startles me sometimes!
  • He loves loves music. I recently won a giveaway for this "Cradle Rock" CD of Michael Jackson lullabies! (Thanks Crissa!) I can't wait to get it so Lincoln doesn't have to listen to me sing nothing but showtunes all day.
  • He has chosen a bedtime of 8pm and wakeup at 6:30am sharp. He still needs to eat 2-3 times in there, but he'll go right back to bed, which is absolutely wonderful.
  • During the day, he's a total cat-napper. 5-10 minute naps are his thing. It makes for speedy showers.
  • My favorite cry of all is when he puts his head back and whines "mmmBahhhh" up in the air like a baby bird begging for worms :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Hungarian Brother

Lincoln and I got to see Travis perform in matinee of Christmas Around the World! (Well, actually Link slept through the whole thing). It was a great show, and Travis is quite a talented dancer! Who knew!? He has some crazy stick-swinging skills. Throw him a broom and watch him go to work.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Round 2

Jason got a scholarship to pay for him to take the 2nd level of the CFA! He'll take it in June. Let the studying begin! Here are his 8 inches of study material. I can't wait to cover them with sharpie grafitti.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

How Did This Happen?

Lincoln's 2 month stats are as follows:

  • head circumference: 50th percentile
  • height: 75th percentile at 23.5 inches
  • weight: 90th percentile at 13.4 pounds
Suspicions confirmed. Some mothers feed their baby milk, and I feed mine Haagen-Dazs.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I got to hear Noteworthy's 3rd CD last night at the release party, and it sounds amazing! I was the oldest alumni there, it was so weird! Time to leave Provo, right? If you don't want to wait for an ordered copy, you can get it on iTunes starting today! Go listen!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dresses for Betsy

Finally, a non-baby post, right?! Lately I've been doing some remakes for my Aunt Jenni. She had a bunch of dresses from high school and college that I re-fashioned for her cute daughter Betsy. How sentimental, yes? I love doing remakes! Especially going from big to smaller because I could pretty much cut each dress apart, make the pieces smaller, and sew it all back together, redo zippers, blah blah blah, add some ribbon or a ruffle, etc. What fun. Here are my favorites:
Maybe someday I'll have a girl and I'll remake my prom dresses into Easter dresses :) Lincoln will have a matching vest, just kidding. Not really.

Even the Toys get Smiles

We have a bouncer in our kitchen that I set Lincoln in while I eat breakfast or make dinner, and I often turn around to see him beaming at the smiling animals :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beefy Boy

We think our boy grew a few inches overnight. We came back after being away for almost 2 weeks for Thanksgiving in Ohio to find that he barely fits in his bassinette anymore!

I think I pulled out his 3-6 month clothes just in time. (He'll be 2 months old on Saturday) I'm pretty sure he won't have to wear the same outfit twice for the entire 3 months! Somehow he ended up with quite a large and stylish wardrobe just this size!