Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Baby

Baby, I think I felt you kick today!! I could be completely wrong because all this week I thought your were moving, but it might have just been my own pulse I'm feeling as I push down on you, but today I was looking around at Joanns in the scrapbooking aisle, looking for ideas for baby shower annoucements, when I'm pretty sure I felt you kicking the at top of my baby bump. It was darling and I froze to see if you'd move some more. I hope you're doing well! I love you so much! I love designing your diaper bag, your baby tux for your blessing, your Halloween costume. You're one loved little guy. Your dad loves you too, even though he left us for a month. He sends his love as he is finding us a home for the summer. I hope we don't get too hot out there, and I promise to take us swimming every morning to cool us down. I'm trying so hard to eat healthy for you, even though I'd love to just have cereal all day. You're going to love tomorrow's menu: a banana with oatmeal, a lunch meat and cheese sandwhich, broccoli soup, and grapefruits for dessert. (Maybe some cereal in the middle somewhere.) Sound good to you?


Allison said...

How fun! Although you should not be eating lunch meat unless it has been heated till it is steamy because of the chance of bacteria. I cant wait to see pics of your projects!

Mike and Val said...

Yay! When Ben was really tiny, I used to lay on the edge of a bed with my legs on the ground and my lower back on the bed. For whatever reason, with my tummy outstretched like this, I could feel him moving around. I hope it works for you! But even if it doesn't, in another month or two, he'll be moving around so much you won't be able to make him stop--and you'll love it! :) Good luck on your own this month!