Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My 6 lb. 4 oz.-er

Yesterday was my 36 weeks appt., and I measured a whopping 42 cm (meaning 42 weeks large). Incredible. I've been measuring big at every appt., but 6 weeks ahead of schedule?! My doctor wasn't entirely sure if he was breech or not b/c his "head" was feeling a little too squishy/soft to be his head, so I got another ultrasound today! What a treat to get to see him again!
(37 weeks)
Well, he's actually measuring exactly where he should be, and is already 6 lb. 4 oz.!! So with four more weeks to go, I can just plan on him being around 8 lb. 4 oz. Ok, I can do this. She didn't see much hair, if any, which is fine :) I like bald babies. He still looks healthy and happy, and to me it looks like he has some big cheeks :) The better to pinch him with. Oh, and he's definitely head down! Things are lookin good!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Here's my Card

I recently won a giveaway from uprinting.com: 250 die cut business cards! Here's what I came up with:

but it won't actually have my email and phone blotted out, of course! I can't wait to give them out and send them with etsy orders!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Little Dears

There are a couple cute little elementary school boys that live across the street from us. I guess they needed a good target for throwing dirt clots, and I'm sure they have nothing against Jason, but we had quite a chuckle out of what they did to his car :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm a Cheapskate

And I just can't bear to buy something when I could make it myself. It doesn't necessarily turn out better or much cheaper, but I just love having projects, even if they only save me a few dollars. Observe:
A $3 mattress pad found at DI, $4.50 in blue and white vinyl, and left-over cording intended to go on a dress in high school.Into a covered diaper changing pad! Sitting on top of a $15 cupboard/tv stand also from DI! After years of changing babies on tables too tall, I was determined to find something short enough, so that when they stand up, I can actually reach them to get dressed. Look how well it coordinates with the diaper champ! A used car seat from my Aunt Amy (THANK YOU!!) and $10 in fabric and buttons.Into a car seat canopy cover! I made the straps so that it can also be worn with an additional piece as a nursing blanket. And look at that, its all wrinkled, sorry. I had to keep telling myself, "Don't make it feminine, don't make it girly, he's a boy! No bows!" Status on us: we're doing great! We both got our flu shot yesterday (2 for 1 special), and we love going to water aerobics 4x/week. I'm at 35 weeks, but measured 39 weeks big yesterday!! My doctor says he still looks and feels like a little 5 pound baby right now, its just that I'm carrying him straight out there. He's been head down for the past 2 appointments, and I've gained a total of 19 pounds with him! So I'm allowed to gain 6 more in the next 5 weeks, yessss.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I even got a birthday card from my son! Yup, just a half gallon of ice cream with candles is totally my ideal birthday cake! Thanks Jason for making it wonderful!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Maternity Make-overs

Its really incredible that my mom just finished having children 7 years ago. When I was visiting during Spring Break, she let me rummage through a couple boxes of her maternity clothes. I picked out a few things I figured I could update a little: Before
All I did with this one was take in the sleeves so they weren't so flowy and gaping, and ruche up the sides with elastic. 

With the black dress, I took off the ribbon bow, cut the sleeves shorter, added elastic, and added a sash!
My mom wearing this one 23 years ago, holding me!With the plaid, I took off the neck tie and added it to the waist, finished the v-neckline, took off the red on the arms and pleated the new shorter sleeves.
Maybe these all still scream 80s to you, but I love them! Thanks mom!


You all know the story, it happened 2 years ago today, most of you were there, and apparently its been told a hundred times. I still run into people who exclaim, "That was YOU?!" when they hear our proposal story :) Good work, Jason. So he asked me out for this weekend to celebrate; he drove the car around to the front door, and rang the doorbell to pick me up. We had a perfect 'dinner and a movie' date, and a cute doorstep scene. I let him come in even though it was getting close to curfew. I'm so excited to spend forever with him!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home Sweet Sweet Home

Finally, here are some pictures of our new upstairs apartment! It was a great workout, lugging everything upstairs, but setting up house is so enjoyable to me. I could be happy in this house for as long as I live.
Words cannot express how much happiness I find living here! A woman's home is her world. Its somewhat disheartening knowing that wherever we go next will surely be a downgrade. Look, we already have the bassinette set up! (And I sleep with 4 pillows)
In the process of moving everything upstairs, I was able to fill two trunk loads of junk for DI.
Sorry baby, but you have to share your room with all my sewing.
However, now that you've seen the house, this doesn't give anyone the excuse to not come visit us!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Chia

Jason keeps asking for a dog, and since I plan on raising children and not puppies, I don't really see it happening in the near future. To ease the pain, for Jason's birthday, I got him a chia puppy! He's quiet, never barks or yaps, he can be an inside or outside dog, doesn't make messes, and still you can love him and watch him grow! Good thing you can keep reusing these chias, because our first attempt wasn't perfect. I guess we packed on the seeds too heavy on his back; the sprouts have been having a hard time growing there. He looks like he's experiencing a little male pattern baldness.