Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Another rockin 2-day field trip to Layton for FCCLA State! Its fun being chaparone when you have 12 cute kids to cheer on. We stayed in a lovely hotel for 2 nights, got in lots of swimming and junk food, and squealed a lot. They all competed in "Star Events", showcasing some sort of project they put together in front of a panel of judges. I was judging the "Early Childhood" category all morning, awarding golds, silvers, and bronzes. They all did great! 4 of our girls get to go on to NATIONALS, expense paid to Chicago this summer! Way to go.
At the dance one night.AND one of our girls, Ashley, ran for State Officer and got in! She'll represent the state with 7 others in all FCCLA matters this coming year. I felt like such a proud mamma.

Friday, March 26, 2010

8 Years ago

My sister posted a very touching blog about my dad and because of that I can't go without writing a few paragraphs about my thoughts and feelings. For those of you that follow us who don't know, my dad passed away 8 years ago yesterday from Multiple Myeloma, a rare cancer that causes abnormalities in the plasma cells which are produced in the bone marrow. My family first became concerned about my dad when he would get terrible pains in his back which would put him out of work for days at a time. Being the stubborn person that he is, he would sometimes try to go out and work, which would make things worse. The chiropractor couldn't figure out why he was getting all of these back pains, so they went down to Utah to meet with a doctor. They diagnosed him with this bone marrow cancer almost immediately. Life expectancy for someone diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma is about 50-55 months. I'm going to paraphrase some of the things my sister mentions on her blog because I feel that everything that she says almost completely encompasses everything I feel about my dad. He was an incredible person that I miss very much. He was an avid snow mobile rider and loved his dogs. I miss getting to go out and work with him in his shop. I miss when he would come play ball with me. Like my sister says in her blog, every time I go into Home Depot or Lowes, I just can't not think of my dad. He owned his own construction business building houses, cabinets and counter tops. He smelled of saw dust, stain, etc. every day he would come home and I smell him every time I go to these stores. I remember him always giving me a hug good night, his huge arms gently bear hugging me. Sometimes I ask "Why Us?!" Our family was a great family to grow up in. We did the things that were required of us; Going to church; Family prayer; Family home evening; etc. We tried to live the gospel in our lives. Why do we have to endure such a hard trial. And then it came to me softly, "Why not?" The reason I say that is this. We ALREADY were doing the things we needed to. What did my father leave behind? A strong family with roots embedded in the church. All of his children were married in the temple, and continue to be active today, and I don't see that ever changing. He has 8 wonderful grandchildren with one on the way! Yes, they might never know him in this life, but all of us children will tell stories about their crazy grandpa who would race semi trucks on his snowmobile :). They will know him for being a strong member of the church and a great man. What greater legacy to leave your children and grand children with? Isn't that what every person in the church wants for his or her family? Why Us? Because sometimes I feel that we might need a shock in our lives to continue putting us through that refiners fire, or the fuller's soap. If we are to reach our true, complete and 'perfect' potential, God must continue testing us. If we are already doing the things that he has commanded us, he will allow other trials to come into our lives, even ones terribly hard to bear. God allows things into our lives that he feels we are ready to take on and only those that he feels that we can withstand. The real "trial" is how we act in response to terrible trials. Do we continue to trust in the Lord, or do we turn away? That is one way he sifts the wheat from the tares. About a week or two before my dad passed away, he invited each of us into his hospital room to speak with him alone. I'm sure he knew what was coming, but I think I was a little naive and didn't quite understand. At this time, my dad had a very rough time talking. His mind was going, and his speech was slurred. Sometimes he would ramble about things. But when he spoke to me, he was very coherent and relatively clear. He spoke of his love for me, and that he would continue to fight, but that the one thing I should never forget is this: "Never give up the church, for it is the most important thing I have have ever given you." I miss my dad a great deal, but I know he is doing great things. I know he's prepping his little grandson/granddaughter to come down and enter this crazy world and keep his dad (Me :) ) in line. I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you DAD! Dad at age 19 right before his mission. Dad holding his first grandson. Six months later at my sister Kati's wedding reception and six weeks before he passed away.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Duck Pond Photography

My cousin Bonnie came in to town this afternoon and asked if I'd take some pictures of her darling kids, and I was so excited to get some practice! I'm such a novice, but it was lots of fun!
(Kati, I tried your "smarties" tip, and it worked great!)These kids were troopers. It was so cold, you can see snowflakes falling in some of the pictures.

Princess Melissa

Thanks for all your sweet comments! We're super excited about the little meatball. If anyone asks what we're calling him/her, just so you all know, its going to be "Vladimir". Boy or girl.
In the meantime, I should finish all these projects before I'm busy with a baby, right!? Despite the nausea, work goes on! My cute cousin Melissa and I designed this Grecian-style Prom dress for her to wear next month.
Do you love my green screen with my mannequin on a Christmas tree stand? Too tired to photoshop.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun Presents

So once upon a time, after class on a normal school day, I came home to a very sleepy wife. I then proceeded to snuggle up next to her in bed and tell her about my day. It was a generic day. Nothing exciting happened. "Guess what!? " Camille exclaimed. "What!" I responded. "I brought you home a present!" "Oh boy, I love presents!" She then took my hand and puts it against her stomach and said "It's right here". Took me a second to figure out what she was saying, then it hit me. WHAT?! WE'RE PREGNANT! WAHOO!!! That's right folks; due October 7th 2010. The baby is alive and well with a healthy, "fast and cute" (as camille put it) heartbeat. In fact, Camille is already starting to show a slight little bit. We're super excited to be parents!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

Dear Ohio (& Travis):
Leave your comment here of what you had for breakfast
(it better be green),
and if I approve, I'll text one of you back sometime today with your next clue!
Keep checking your phones!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bishop Hancock

My dad was called and sustained Bishop of my home ward yesterday! We all knew it was coming. You're gonna rock it, Dad!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pirate Wedding

I've told a lot of you about this wedding I was commissioned for, the wedding that is to take place on a pirate ship--the Jolly Rodger--in Vegas in July. The task was to make the groom's attire to immitate that of Barbossa from Pirates, except in the wedding colors, of course.
The bride and I sent back and forth pictures of fabrics, trim, and buttons till we could compromise on something (her fiance was the pickiest of all). I told her she'd have to purchase these $3.99 buttons she was in love with, since I needed 24 for the coat alone. I kept my costs under $70 and charged $415 for the shirt, pants, vest, and coat. However, this ensemble sent me all over town, calling with bar code numbers to all the local Joanns. I ended up going as far as Taylorsville for the green and had to special order a few things so I was stuck with nothing to do for a week here and there while the shipment came in. And here is my resident model:
The best part: her seaweed wedding dress. I really can't wait to see the wedding pictures.
I deal with the crazies, don't I.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Disco Disco

Sorry for the delay, but here are the pictures from Disco Inferno a couple weeks ago! All photography by Mark Philbrick.
I was pretty much a cry baby the whole show. I lucked out with a character role who was kindof phobic about kissing. Dancing in Hell
Maggie & Tom Fancy Dress Night Tom gets punched in the nose. Singing "I Love to Love" opening 2nd act. The Dance Competition We won! And then Tom dies in a car wreck and I weep over his grave. Sound familiar? West Side Story? Beauty & the Beast? LOTS of dancing! I worked off 6 pounds doing this show. Much needed.