Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Mustache You a Question

Why am I so cute?!

  Happy 4 months old, you little man!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Their House is a Museum

 Do I even need to write a caption for this?  We tried out the the Boston Children's Museum, ($1 on Friday nights!), Link had a ball, and we'll definitely go back sometime soon!

Lincoln is STILL not talking, just vocalizing a lot of crazy sounds.  His favorite nonsense words sound a LOT like choice four letter works like SH-- and F--- when he yells them out loud (yikes!).  Scares me every time.  We have two early intervention girls coming every week to work with him, and put him on the waiting list for an intervention play group that would also be once a week.  The little dear gets so frustrated trying to tell us things!  Oh to hear him say "mama".  That will be the day!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hobo Jo – A GIVEAWAY! (Closed)

My dearest darling friend Michelle, who I think of only as Sister Osmond, is running a Kickstarter campaign for a jewelry collection she wants to start up called Hobo Jo Collection.   It is an all-or-nothing funding (meaning, that if she reaches her goal of $5,000, then, and only then, will her contributors’ credit cards be charged. If she doesn’t reach her goal, no charges will be made).

The jewelry is beautiful!  I would wear this red precious every day.  Everything is made from a tagua nut which grows in South America.  See more of her lovely jewelry on her cute blog.

Ozzy has two weeks to raise her project goal on kickstarter.com.  By donating to the project, you can receive free jewelry!  Really!  Even $1 is appreciated!  Go check it out and donate!  I would love to see this skyrocket!
To get you more excited about this project, Ozzy is offering a Tagua bracelet in a GIVEAWAY!  Here’s how to enter!  Choose one or more of these options for multiple entries:

-- Leave a comment that you’ve watched her video about Tagua

--  Leave a comment that you "liked" or "shared" this on facebook (the link is just below the video)

-- Leave a comment after you’ve tweeted about the project (twitter link also below the video)

-- Leave THREE comments after you have donated HERE!  

Six opportunities to enter the giveaway and up your chances of winning this beauty!  Giveaway starts now and ends in two weeks, and I will email the winner.  Good luck contestants and good luck Ozzy!