Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's a Girl!!

 We couldn't be more excited!
What a darling family we are already.  I'm the luckiest mom in the world!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Cumorah, NYC, and Baby Stuff

 Since the family was performing in the Hill Cumorah Pageant this year, we had to made it up to Palmyra and see Derek's big performance!  Derek had just gotten home from his mission to Brazil, and was cast as Battle Nephi, and had a lot of stage time.  The rest of the family all had great parts, fun costumes, and what a treat it was to watch it from an audience perspective this time.  It brought back so many memories!
We've been living summer to its fullest around here.  The boys can't get enough tire swing or water in their lives right now.

Things are good in the giveaway world.  Last month, I was selected for a free trip to NYC ("Momcation!"), where we had a catered lunch at The Lambs Club with a presentation from Sprint, and each of us left with the new HTC One phone ($679.99)!

While I was there, naturally, I hit the fabric district.  Oh, Mood, my happy place.

Parley and I got to review another $600 stroller and $200 infant car seat.  Sweet wheels, I tell ya!  Baby #3 is getting only the best. You can read that review HERE.  

(The other $600 stroller is currently listed on Craigslist, or promised to the first family member who announces a pregnancy...)

With all these baby products to review and no baby, I keep borrowing cuties from the ward to help me out with the pictures!  Good thing there are so many gorgeous babies to choose from.

And tune in tomorrow for some more exciting baby news!