Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Last Days

Jason's leaving me on Wednesday to start his job in Houston, and I still have another month here finishing up the school year. I'm so upset.
We've been using these last few days together and have been dating like crazy! We go out for movies at the dollar theater, he takes me to dinner, we go grocery shopping together, we go on bike rides, we do temple sessions, we stood in long lines for $.31 Scoop Day at Baskin Robbins, we shopped the thrift stores for baby boy clothes, for our last night together we got a mega sweet deal at The Anniversary Inn (a $300 room for $99 plus a complimentary $75 spa package), we go bowling:
Doesn't he look pro?

(Our super cool bowling shoes I bought on eBay for Christmas presents. We really are going to get our own custom made bowling balls one day!)

We're spending all our time together as if Jason were being deployed for a year. Its really only a month, and its not like we have limited calling time. Still, I'm stocking up on old musicals and pulling out sewing projects to keep me busy, seeing as Jason is taking the desktop with him. I might start calling up friends and arranging sleepovers. No really. Expect a call.

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