Monday, May 10, 2010

Colors, Court, and Butter

Another one of my favorite lessons in the early part of the year is talking about personalities and taking the Color Code test to learn more about ourselves and why we act the way we do. It totally helps me a teacher as well, to see early on how many of each color I have in my classroom. For example, with a class full of "reds", I can see group projects not being a problem because there are so many leaders. With so many "yellows", I know I'll need to have lots of active activities and opportunities for spotlighting. Pointing out the "whites" helps me see who are my calm peacemakers who will tend to be the listeners, and locating my "blues" helps me see who are the passionate ones who I can call on to express their opinion about topics. My caring "blues".
My dominant "reds", aka the two future US women presidents.
My peaceful, misunderstood "whites".
And my crazy, hyper "yellows".
We talk about being responsible, and how to get along with our parents. We try something the old-fashioned way, and shake jars of cream for the whole 84-min. class period, to make yummy butter, while I provide some delicious "homemade" bread.
We also talk about critical thinking, and why/how we make important decisions. We put on a "mock trial", where I provide the case, and they fill in the roles of defendant, attorneys, judge, witnesses, and jury members.

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