Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pinewood Derby - 1 out of ?

We had our ward Pinewood Derby last night! It was fun having a project we could do together! Obviously, Jason took the designing, cutting, and sanding much more seriously.
Then we pulled out the trusty woodburner, my weapon of choice on the table project.
Can you name all these Boston landmarks?
Is that my car coming in 1st or last?!
And in the "Open" category, seeing as half of our ward consists of MIT students, we had some pretty incredible cars!
We unded up in 19th and 30th place, losing to all the cub scout cars that Jason helped them make.
But not a total loss--I won "Best Paintjob" :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter to Me

Last minute, I felt like sewing up Easter outfits for us, but making a baby bow tie wasn't very time-intensive. Without a little girl to sew for, I had to make an Easter dress for myself :)
After working on so many sewing jobs lately for weddings, ward members, our babysitter, Esty, and Prom, it feels so vain to sew for myself again, but its oh so fun to be creative from scratch, and nice when I know my own measurements and can try it on every step of the way. Plus, I don't care how it looks on the inside.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Choose Your Own Housing Adventure

This apartment hunting is really stressing me out. Yes, there are plenty of options available, but its finding a long-term place big enough for a growing family, staying within the ward boundaries because I've made so many dear friends already, and staying within our budget. And sorry to make demands, but a washer/dryer is a huge priority! OH and finding something deleaded, but everything here is more than 150 years old.
For every 25 calls and emails I make inquiring about such apartments, I only get 1 or 2 responses because things are going so quickly. Even working with realtors, I find myself making appointments at 11pm, to have the listing sold before I get there in the morning. Its feels like a full-time job.
Its hard to decide whether we should move out asap so we're not in a bind when our place does sell, or if we should not look into anything and stay as long as possible, then freak out when we're given the 60 days. Wow, there are SO many aspects to picking out a home, and I worry about the consequences of each decision and don't want to regret moving my family into a bad place.
I keep thinking of a post I wrote more than 2 1/2 years ago that my brother pointed out to me. I pulled it up and realized how much I liked it and think its relavent to a lot of us.
Choose Your Own Adventure
I'm a big fan of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. I could direct you to the wall of them at the local library. Lately, I can't help but make another analogy of how life is our own "Choose Your Own...", where we are the protagonist, making the choices that determine one of so many options in the end. In these books, at the end of every page, you have to make a choice, each option telling you what page to turn to next. You keep making choices, keep jumping to other pages, and eventually end up at one of typically 40 different endings--some rewarding, satisfactory, some death.
So God hands us the book and says, "Here, see what you make of it". Its our book, we're turning the pages, calling the shots. We'll always have our agency, the choice is always ours. We can read it how we like, but realize that its all about the sequence of events. If you skip a page, some critical element of your story dissapears and suddenly you've lost the direction of where to go next! If we read it the way WE think it should go, it doesn't make any sense! If you want to make God laugh, tell him YOUR plans!
I think we're meant to enjoy the book along the way. We've all read and hated classic novels from high school English class, or college physics textbooks, but I think that this is one not meant to be skimmed. There's a lot to learn on every page, to take time and enjoy the story! Its your life. Stop thinking "I'll be happy when I get to page 88", "I'll be happy when I'm out of school". Learn to be happy on the page you're on, Camille! Choices are stressful, yes? When we get to that part:
If you decide to start back home, turn to page 34. If you decide to wait, turn to page 95. start to get nervous! Don't we all feel that way at one point or another, that this ONE decision will set us on a plot line we never wanted? "If I don't study, I'll fail this test, I've lost my scholarship, and I'll have to drop out of school", "If I walk away from this relationship now, I'll never know if it couldn't worked in the end". And they usually aren't easy decisions, are they? If it was an obvious choice, there'd be no question, and everyone would end up with the same exact story. It's not always choosing between good and bad. Lots of times its between good and good, and we base our decisions on what we think would make us the happiest. And when a decision doesn't bring us happiness, we think it was the wrong one, but maybe those decisions are the ones that will lead us to a greater joy. One course will bring us the greatest happiness.
We may never know the many options that lie on the number of pages that unfortunately and fortunately will never be read. We think about that all the time, don't we? "I wonder where I would be if I wasn't a member of this Church", "What would I be doing tonight if we had never met?" I bet while you're on page 25, its hard to imagine what the end looks like. Even if we could read the endings first, and see what page we'd like to end on, we still would have no idea how to get there. Its supposed to be that way.
God wrote it, he knows what's on every page. And He wants us to choose the best-case-scenario, don't you? Maybe that one designed plotline was meant to be longer than others, include certain pages that no one else reads, send you in some direction you never thought it would.
In some way, we can't write our own story. It's already written. But we can choose our own adventure!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Page Boy

Link's new thing is riping up magazines. He'll go to town tearing out pages of Dad's Economist.

Anything crinkly and crunchy!

My UPS Man

In a big city of thousands of people (the most densely populated in New England, remember?), I find so much small-town happiness in my friendship with my UPS man :) Every time we have a package, on his way around the house and in a cute but borderline-creepy way, he taps on the window and waves that he's coming. Since Lincoln and I have a favorite pastime of strollering all over this city, we see our friend everywhere! He honks and we wave, and he'll shout out to me if there's something on his truck for us.
And I think its cute that Jason's jealous of my don't-even-know-his-name-friendship with another man, even the UPS guy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Veggie Tale

Sorry to tell ya, baby, but veggies are on your menu all week.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Race Day

Today is Boston Marathon Day! We met up with Dad at work to go to lunch and see the first of the finishers. He said there was hardly anyone at work--they all take the day off for Patriots Day. We'd never even heard of it.

Jason wanted to take me to Boston Commons Coffee Co. for lunch, where the paninis are to die for.

Of course, the city was swamped, and this was the closest we could get, but you can see the blue finish line in the back. Our ward was almost doubled yesterday because of all the visitors in town for the race. What an awesome event!Lincoln konked out.

I looked up qualifying times for Boston--turns out my marathon time from Logan could qualify me to run here if I were 60-64. Ha!

Friday, April 15, 2011

60 Days Notice

Its true. The landlady wants to sell our cute apartment, so when it sells, we have 60 days to find a new place. Lame. In hopes of helping it NOT sell, should we not keep it so tidy? Avoid taking out the trash? Set out some mice traps to make it look like there's a rodent problem?
We've been having several showings a week and open houses on Sundays. Having to be out of the house for them is inconveniencing, sure, but atleast its nice outside and there are plenty of places to go for walks for a half hour at the last minute. Showing at 6:30pm? Darn, I guess we'll have to eat out tonight!
*And might I mention, its selling for $339,900. Its a 2-bedroom basement. Doesn't that make you want to throw up?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Man of the House

I get to host Mommy Club (New Mothers Group) at my house every Thursday this month and I'm loving it! Truly the highlight of my week! (And the house is already clean because we have continuous apartment showings and open houses going on. That's a whole 'nother song and dance) Usually Lincoln ends up being the only boy among all the little girls and their mothers. He's gonna love Nursery in this ward!
So I guess he's sitting up now? He still wobbles and can't last more than 5 seconds before he topples. Should I put the sticker on the milestone calendar when he can stay up for 30 seconds? A minute? What's the qualifying time here?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodmorning Starshine

Jason hates to get up in the morning (who doesn't, right?), so to make it a little more pleasant, I plop Lincoln on the bed to wake up Dad while I get ready for the day. Who can have a bad day waking up to a baby in your face?!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Stars

Remember that one time Jason and I were extras for a day? The new version of the Joseph Smith movie is out! And we're in it!To see us, go to and go the last two minutes of the movie. At exactly 1:00:47, freeze the screen, and bam! I'm right there in the 2nd row! Ok, now look back at the temple door. Maybe six rows from the back, a few heads to your right, you can see Jason's head. At second 48, someone moves their head and you can see me again to the left of Jason for a split second! Cool huh!What's even cooler is knowing how they made this scene. What looks like hundreds of people in the Nauvoo temple was really maybe 75 people at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in front of a green screen. They filmed us in sections of rows, then we got up, shuffled around and sat in different seats, and they filmed the same few seconds again and again. When they put it all together, we look like a huge congregation, when really, each of us are in there in 6 or 7 different places!With Lucy Mack Smith!
Our big claim to fame as movie stars, and I wasn't allowed to wear ANY makeup!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Six-Months? Already?

How did that happen!? Well, we tried a photo shoot this afternoon, but Link was not in the mood to do anything. We looked ridiculous. This is all we got:
So you may see this same outfit when we try again with family Easter pictures in two weeks; that is, if his pants will fit him in two weeks.Then we went back inside, and tried these. A naked Lincoln is a happy Lincoln. Grandmas, let me know if you'd like a 5x7 of one of these and I'll put one in the mail for you. Or maybe wait for the Easter photo shoot. I have a good feeling about it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Quality Tourism

My family came to visit us for their Spring Break (sans Travis, Braden, and Janae)! It was a little crazy, but we housed ten people for four days and nights in our little place and had a great time! Lincoln and his uncles The highlight of the week for the boys was probably all the public transportation--we bussed, subwayed, and ferried everywhere.
Old North Church along the Freedom Trail
We served up some Boston cream pies, Red Sox hotdogs, Boston baked beans, and New England clam chowder.
Boston Temple
We spent a day at the Museum of Science (thank you Pam for the passes!). At this demo, they asked for a volunteer with a lot of energy, and appropriately chose Spencer, crazy boy.
Lincoln's new thrift-store snowsuit and typical "I'm freezing and I can't move my arms" look.
Thanks for coming, Fam! Thanks for letting me show off our city!