Monday, May 10, 2010

Dating & STDs

We talk about the importance of friends, then kick off our dating unit with a dance instruction day!! We learn line dances and show off cool moves. Sometimes I bring in Travis so I can have a partner help me demonstrate slow dancing, EFY-style.
Limbo & YMCA
Then I make them try a little "speed dating", where they get 30 seconds with each person to get to know them as if it was the first time they'd met. They hate me for it.
Introduction into Human Sexuality/Abstinence/STD unit:
One day, I bring in a delicious snickers cake to each class period, and ask who would like a piece. The first piece is served on a china plate with a silver fork and napkin. The next piece is on a paper plate with a plastic fork, and so forth until the last piece, which I smash onto the table with my fist and ask if they still want it.
The moral: Wasn't your first kiss amazing? Or atleast extremely memorable? And then by the 10th person you kiss, it isn't that big of a deal, and you don't get the same butterflies in your stomach and replay it in your mind all night long. But its still a kiss; nothing has changed. Its still a piece of cake whether its presented nicely, or smashed on the table. But don't you want your wedding night to be that first piece of cake feeling, and not the 10th? Is a smashed piece of cake what you want to give your spouse? Maybe the experience hasn't changed, but it is all about how its presented and how you valued it. So abstinence, students!!
PS--They will never be so well behaved and quiet as on the day I give the human sexuality lesson.
Lenora and I put on a "Group Date" at lunch, where they all have to ask someone in the school to share an ice cream sundae with them. They take it so seriously, its adorable. I would love nothing more than to hear in 5-10 years that some couple got married because they met at this group date at lunch for Mrs. Millar's Teen Living class.

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