Monday, October 1, 2012

6 in 6 for 16 - OCTOBER

 Ok, I know, this is super creepy, but there are only so many places in close proximity to our church building where me and my photographer-in-crime partner, Emily, can go on a Sunday morning!  But its practically Halloween, so I'm just going with a theme here.
 I don't know if I really had a vision dress for this month, except for maybe the corpse bride?  Haha.  I mostly just wanted to make something lacy, stretchy, and again, conducive to breastfeeding.  Adding the scalloped black trim made it a little more Halloweenie than I anticipated, but it'd do.
I found this lace on my trip to NYC, rolled up and with a damaged seam the entire length of the bolt.  I think it was originally $15/yard, but I haggled it down to 2.5 yards for $7.50!
I guess you can't even tell that there's a midriff piece and a skirt part to this dress.  The middle was going to be just black, but everything I sew is an effort to lengthen my torso, and having the busty white top separated from the skirt wasn't helping.

See JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, and SEPTEMBER!  Only one month to go!


Michelle said...

That is so pretty! Love the design--looks great on you!

Lauren said...

You make the most beautiful clothing! I wish I could pay you to make my wardrobe- Love this dress!

Camille said...

Aww, thanks sisters :) I wish I could sew all my friends dresses all day!!