Monday, September 10, 2012

6 in 6 for 16 - SEPTEMBER

I LOVE September!  Perhaps I just love it because its my birthday month, but thinking about September has always given me warm fuzzies.  Glorious Fall, new classes, new projects, new possibilities.  For this month, I fell in love with the outfit on the left and wanted one just like it.  I searched and searched, and never really found a yellow fabric I liked.  What I came up with ended up looking so utterly '50s diner, that I had to make a different top.  Can't you just picture a little name tag with "Brenda" on it?
I rummaged through my fabric stash and found this beautiful oriental silk.  I was sure my aunt Margie had sent it to me from Korea, but she couldn't verify.  Wherever it came from, it confirmed all my beliefs that SILK IS SO HARD TO WORK WITH!  So slippery.  So temperamental.

 My adorable friend Jessica took these pictures while we were having an Eastie Girls Crafty Night.  See her cute blog and cute baby here.    THANK YOU Jess!  What a professional, right?

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Pamela said...

You're quite the model, Camille! :) I don't think your original yellow blouse looked too 1950's diner at all! It's really cute. You should put it on your etsy shop and I bet someone will take it.

Natalie and Steve said...

So slippery and hard to work with and yet you make it look SO good. :D Love your outfit.