Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall in New England

 Brett & Sabrina hit up Palmyra, Vermont, and Rochester, then we met up with them again in Maine a few days later.  Beautiful, so traditionally Maine, and SO COLD up there!
We had to try the (muy expensive) lobster to see if it really is better in Maine.  Yup, it was delicious!
Lincoln really took a liking to Uncle Brett!  Link would beg and beg to be held, and would only trust Brett in the pool to help him swim around.
 We did some more touring, driving, hotel swimming, and leaf peeping.  We stopped by the original L.L. Bean store, and the beautiful Acadia National Park!

Thank you again, Brett, for all these amazing pictures!
On the last day, we saw the Portland Head Light lighthouse--the most photographed lighthouse in the US.  
 We kept saying how this tour was really just a sampling of New England, and how you could spend days at any of these places.  I'm so glad Brett & Sabrina could come and visit and give us such a good excuse to go see it all ourselves!


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing! Now you know why I get homesick. Maine is beautiful and it is can be cool this time of year. The Lighthouse in your picture is Portland Head Light. I never saw it until after I got married and I only lived an hour from it! Enjoy the rest of your Fall!

Camille said...

Ahh, thank you Melissa! I couldn't remember!

Sabrina said...

Let's travel together again someday! What great memories!

Jenn said...

And this is why I miss the east coast! Don't get me wrong, the beaches and sun in California are GREAT...but Fall just isn't the same! Thanks for sharing and letting me relive fond memories :) Miss you guys!

Natalie and Steve said...

I love the picture of Parley concentrating on that sand--biting his lip and all. Very cute.

What a beautiful place! We had planned on visiting Maine in Aug, but plans changed when Steve's brother got married on the other side of the US. :)