Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Women

 I have the funnest calling ever!  I'm in the Young Women's, put specifically in charge of Personal Progress!  Let's do some PROJECTS!!  Perfect, right?!  Recently, we had a sleepover with our girls and everyone sewed up some pajama pants to count as one of their big value projects!
 (I brought these cupcakes in cute wrappers, which you could also win at this week's giveaway!  Clearly, I'm having a lot of fun with this new hobby!)
These girls are the cutest!  Its funny how a few weeks ago, I didn't know or care about any of them, and now I think about them constantly and love them SO much!  It takes me back to my junior high teaching days.  I'm so proud of their successes and want them to be happy and grow and accomplish good things in life!  And we're having lots of fun planning future projects together :)


Sabrina said...

That is the perfect calling for you. It's funny, my last calling was in YW, but I was an advisor, so I did a lot of the Sunday teaching, and only a little with PP. Because I am not big on projects and can't seem to prioritize them in my life, PP was not my favorite growing up, nor is it my favorite thing now. I was glad it wasn't a huge part of my calling but those YW are lucky to have you to help them out!

Natalie and Steve said...

Yep. You're in the right calling, and you'll probably inspire all of these girls to sew--just like you did to me!