Monday, October 15, 2012

What I Love About Fall

My "What I Love About Fall" list begins with all the things on everyone else's list: the leaves, the smells, the pumpkin cookies, the scarfs.  I'm sure your list would look a lot like mine.

But now, to be completely honest, rumors of a colder-than-normal winter are making this Fall less glorious than others.  Perhaps if a threatening gas bill wasn't a constant gloomy worry, I'd be more ok with it. 

I DO love not being pregnant this fall.  Last year, sweets were not so sweet on my morning-sick stomach, so I feel like I missed out on enjoying a lot of the hot chocolately drinks and other sinful sugars.  

I love buying pumpkins and then cooking them up so that I have a dozen bags of frozen pumpkin in the freezer ready for pumpkin cookies, pancakes, pies, etc.

I am truly embracing the accessories that come with Fall.  I will wear boots and tights to church without shame every Sunday till April, starting today.  I fully intend to participate in No-Shave November :)  I'm making it my new fall cleaning goal to weed out the clothes/accessories I only sort of love and occasionally wear, and hold on to the select few that I actually wear and love.  Genius, right?  So goodbye bucket of scarfs and coats I previously could not part with.  Hello to the chosen few who made the cut.

I really do  love staying indoors.  I could probably hermit myself for a good week or two if I didn't have a toddler who must get out once a day or else he tears the house apart.  Autumn just gives me a good excuse to stay in and feel better about not leaving the house.  Baby, its cold outside!

I also love how the little bugs disappear.  I have finally won my battle with the ants in my kitchen who would never go away.  

And of course,  since I'm a little cray-cray about the holidays, and September/October is prime holiday gift-making time, I am in such a jolly mood this time of the year.  Its been so satisfying checking gifts off the list.  Since "gifts" is my primarly love language, I've been loving you all so much as I've been putting your gifts together!

I love you, Fall.


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