Sunday, October 28, 2012

Parley Dean is 6-months Green

 Oh, Parley, you are my sunshine!  You have brought me SO MUCH JOY the last 6 months!
 Happy 6 months old, you sweet boy!

  I think your fluffy hair is my favorite feature of yours!  I love how you think everything is funny, how you admire your brother, and how you slobber like a faucet!  It won't be long before you're cruising around this house!  Watch out!


Diana said...

Happy six months! I can't believe he is so old and we haven't even met him! Such cute pictures.

Sabrina said...

He is such a sweetie! Looks like he has officially gotten the sitting up thing down. Diana, soon enough you'll get to meet him! Wish we could see you all for the holidays.

Mom Millar said...

Look how grown up Parley is! I can't wait to see him and you all at Christmas. He looks like a very happy baby.

Natalie and Steve said...

Oh so sweet! It's amazing how fast they get big!