Monday, February 20, 2012

Auntie Janae

Sister-lister came to visit for a few days!  We've had SO many visitors come to Boston!  In less than a year, we've had my family come for their Spring Break, Derek & friends for a Senior road trip, my dad, Jason's mom for a week, my friend Natalie, my mom for a week, and Janae!  I mean this in the kindest way: please no more house guests for a while.  I'm exhausted!

We, of course, hit up the Freedom Trail, and this time we found Mother Goose and Elizabeth Payne, the real Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter, which Janae got really excited about because she's reading it in English class right now.
Saturday we went to the New England Aquarium!  Tickets are something like $25/adult, $13/children, but we got a 4-person free pass from our library!  Being a Boston resident has its perks.  I wish you all could have heard Janae squeal in delight and run over to the tank to see a giant turtle. 
(She has somewhat of a turtle obsession).
We got to touch star fish and sting-rays in the touch tanks!
We made Boston Cream Pie desserts and earrings out of buttons.  We ordered pizzas and got Mike's Pastry cannolis.  Most importantly, we took a big trip to the fabric store and have been tackling some Prom dresses!  Janae wanted some help designing for her lime green dress and I'm making a lovely purple one for a cute girl named Nancy.
Because Hancocks love all things peanut-butter, we made homemade Peanut Butter Cup ice cream for Janae's 17th birthday!!  How great that we got to celebrate it while she was out here.  Thanks for coming Auntie Janae!

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Travis said...

Hancock sisters are the coolest!