Monday, February 27, 2012

Have a Seat

In junior high, I remember taking some career test and based on my interests and skills, my results said I would become a "Furniture Upholsterer".  How odd, I thought, because I was mostly thinking musical theater or nursing at the time, but lately, how strangely accurate.  These are some dining room chairs I took apart and re-covered with my trusty staple gun.  The previous orange did look pretty hideous in my client's $6000/month rental.  I didn't feel bad charging the rightful $500 for doing six chairs and three 10-foot long sets of curtains and window seat cushions.  It took me freakin forever while I was in the depths of morning sickness. 
These window seat cushions seam to be my business niche lately.  Since October, I've made 8 different cushions for clients.  I feel like a piping professional.  And a furniture upholsterer.


Patrese said...

piping!! you must have oodles and oodles of patience!!

Patrese said...
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Camille said...

OH its the worst, isn't it!?