Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Banner Day

I'm a sucker for holidays.  If I had a spare $10/month, I'd spend it all on holiday decor and not regret a single purchase.  When my mom came to visit last week, she brought some extra scrapbook paper and we made a Valentines banner with all the sewing scraps I have!  The Valentine Loofahs were the project two years ago. Mom talked me into laminating the letters so they'll last longer, because this will indeed be seen up in our house for every February as long as I live.  That's the great thing about holiday decorations--they get used again and again!  I liken holiday decor unto baby clothes.  So fun to buy and make, but then almost equally wonderful to pull out the next year and reuse!



Diana said...

Adorable! I love holidays, too, but never seem to make the time to decorate. Maybe next year.

Natalie and Steve said...