Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mom in Boston

Jason's mom was able to come visit us for a week!  On Friday, we got our subway passes and I took her on the Freedom Trail all around downtown.  We met up with Jason for lunch at the Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in America, for clam chowder, corn bread, and boston baked beans.  We skipped through Haymarket for some produce and, of course, brought home cannolis from Mike's Pastry.  I'm determined to have tried all the flavors by the time we leave Boston.

On Saturday, we met up with Peter, Jason's cousin who also lives and works downtown, to try some apple picking at an orchard about 45 min. away.  Lincoln loved chomping on the apples, and I'm excited to start baking again with everything we brought home.

 On Monday, we went to see Jason's office, and stopped by our favorite sandwhich place, Al Capone's, for our favorite Philly cheese steak 20" sub.  Lincoln's hand in my water as soon as I turn my head: typical.

That night we threw Lincoln's birthday party, ate cake, gave presents, and invited Peter over for some enjoyable political conversation.  Tuesday, I took mom to a baby sing-a-long class at the library, then we all met at Harvard to get a legit alumni tour from Peter.  That night, Jason and I got to go out on a mini-date night, then came back for a scrabble match.  At the end of the week, I don't know who was more tired--me, mom, or Lincoln.  I hope mom had fun!  We sure enjoyed having her here!  Let's do it again sometime!

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Mom Millar said...

It was a wonderful visit for me! Thank you Jason and Camille for your hospitality and for making a BIG effort to show me the town. I enjoyed everything we did. Boston is an interesting place for all the history that took place there. I loved it!