Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Model

 I decided Jason needed a stress-reducing hobby to play with after long hours at work. For Christmas, I got him a model car, and I can't think of anything I've seen him enjoy more than putting in the 20+ hours on this little guy. He meticulously hand-painted every piece of the engine, dashboard, headlight, etc., coated pieces with shiny pearl gloss to make them look "chromy", and sent me on a special mission to get the perfect shade of tan for the seats. Ya, he's a nerd, and I love him!  I really hope our boys will get excited about putting model cars together someday, because their Dad will certainly have a ball helping them.


Jay Clay said...

Nah, if I was a nerd, I'd be painting little orcs and monster mini figurines.

Mom Millar said...

It's a very cool car! Your dad (a model car lover also) would have been proud of you!