Friday, February 24, 2012

My Doggy Does Tricks

Little Link FINALLY walks!  He tries a few more steps and longer distances every day and he seems to love his new skill.  Way to go, little one!  Just in time, because I was getting a little worried that I'd be carrying 2 babies around everywhere I go!
Our Lincoln may be a little behind on some things (crawling at 10 months, walking at 16 months, still not talking), but he always gets there eventually!  He's just been workin so hard keeping up his 29-pound, 95%ile body figure!

PS--Carla, thank you for the darling leather shoes (from my baby shower a year and a half ago) he is now finally able to wear!  They're perfect!


Twain said...

In can see him as a football player.Congratulation Camille!


Jay Clay said...

Notice how the house is littered with clutter? You can observe the nomadic nature of objects around the house in their natural habitat. Said objects somehow latch on to Link's hand, and subsequently after traveling in a simbiotic fasion detach themselves from Link's hand in a random array around the room.

It's been a busy day at work...