Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grandma Hancock Comes to Town

 This post is brought to you by the letters M, H, L, G, and P.
 My mom came to visit us for a few days!  
We had a ball lounging, eating, chatting, crafting, and speculating :)
We went out for my favorite soup & breadbowls and stopped by Haymarket for some weekend produce.
 And came across the biggest live lobster we've ever seen!  Speaking of big lobsters, perhaps my favorite moment of the week was at church--when we arrived I ran to the bathroom first, so my mom & the boys walked in and everyone was asking if I had had the baby.
 Thanks to Groupon, we had another lovely lunch downtown with Jason at Casa Razdora.  I love Lincoln's food faces.
If you've visited us before, you know how we take visitors on a walk out on our Piers Park to see the view.  Thank you mom for coming to visit!  Thanks for all your help with grocery shopping, baby gear hoisting, and playing with Lincoln all weekend!  See you here again soon!

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Natalie and Steve said...

That is a big lobster. I'm a little scared of it.