Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday, we took the kids to the pet store to see some animals, thinking it would be a chill, enjoyable, yet exciting activity for Lincoln.  Nope.  He was TERRIFIED of everything in that store.  Would not go near the hamsters.  Screamed bloody murder to get out of the bird room (and we have a bird, remember?).  Yelled out in terror and ran every time a dog came in to be groomed.  We were practically twisting his arm to stay in the fish isle while we picked out his first pet to take home.

And this is practically the closest he'll go to his new friend the fish.  What a fearful child!

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Natalie and Steve said...

That makes me laugh. Every time we see a dog out on our walks, I automatically know because both of my kids are yelling about how they see that dog and want to know if I can get them closer to it!