Friday, September 14, 2012

Giveaway Girl

You dedicated readers may think you know everything about me by now, but did you know that I am extremely and abnormally lucky?  Really, my luckiness astonishes even myself, and it has blessed me with many a free treat. 

The summer we were interning in Houston, one day my SIL Carla won something on Dandy Giveaway.  She told me about this site that does a giveaway every Monday, and you pretty much just leave a comment to be put in the drawing to win things.  I was so intrigued and thought I'd see how far my luck could take me.

Since then, I’ve spent 5 minutes here, maybe 10 minutes there, and won over $1,140 in free merchandise from various blogs.  Practically anything cool I own came from a giveaway: jewelry, wall decals, flu shots, spa kits, sunglasses, etc.  Not to mention all of our baby announcements, Christmas cards, my sewing business cards, stamps with Parley's face on them...We are, after all, a mere paycheck away from qualifying for food stamps.  How else could I get such fun luxuries?!

And now, enter my newest hobby/part-time gig: I’m a giveaway girl!  With a fortunate turn of events, Dandy Giveaway has added me to their team!  I will be a blogger every Friday on Dandy, featuring some item, shop, business, or company and running a giveaway!

This week, you could win:

a set of rainbow cupcake liners & four extra large frosting tips from Cupcake Essentials 
(enter HERE)
 $25 to spend at Meesh & Mia (enter HERE)

and a hand-knit item of your choice from Lil Bumpkins Boutique (enter HERE)!

So every Friday, check out the sweet giveaways and enter mine, because nothing would please me more than my family and friends winning free things :)  And may my magical luckiness be bestowed on all of you giveaway enthusiasts!  Go win something!


Pamela said...

Oh, I hope your luckiness rubs off on me, too! By the way, your enthusiasm is clear in your writing on the Dandy blog! I love it!

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

Oh cool! You will love doing giveaways! Way to go on all the luck too!!

Heading over to Dandy Giveaway now to test my luck. Thanks for introducing that site to me.

PS, I love Meesh and Mia. I just wore my BYU hoodie from them yesterday. So comfy.

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

ha ha I just went to enter the Lil Bumpkins giveaway and it is over. THAT is my luck ha ha I will have to keep my eye out and enter something else. :)

Camille said...

Basically, I want to be just like you, Crissa :) and I'd love if you won something! What a perfect SAHM hobby, right?