Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Ohio!

Just giving Lincoln some good suburban lifestyle experiences made the trip well worth it!  He spent every minute outside soaking up the joys a backyard brings.  Definitely definitely getting him a basketball hoop for his birthday.  My little brothers were the perfect playmates for him!  My kids may never have any cousins their age on my side, but they'll have Uncles who are!Grandpa finally got to meet his namesake!  My daddy, Robert Dean, got released as Bishop on Sunday, and put in the Stake Presidency as 2nd Counselor!  Yikes!  My parents made sure baby was dressed in the appropriate game wear for the Ohio State game :)
 And little man got his first taste of baby food!  As expected, after the first taste, he started lunging for the spoon.  We've got another foodie in the family!
Friday night we went to the Beavercreek football game where we crushed Carroll 63-0!!  Janae and Evan are the marching band geeks this year :)  I love you guys.  Evan rocks the sideline on percussion!  I'll never understand the appeal, but I'm glad everyone else in my family likes it.  I will seriously be the only of 9 Hancocks to not march.  Long live showchoir.

 Janae got her early Christmas present!  If you know Janae at all, you understand how five stuffed turtles and green kitchen utensils would rock her world.  I'll post the pattern for these cuties sometime this week.  I named them Guido, Ursula, Blanche, Sparky, and Delicious. 
Jason got to 'play' with some power tools in my dad's shop.  He made me something super great for Christmas!  Wait and see what it is!
And a 12 mile bike ride!  Once I got over my fear of a little boy swerving in front of me and running my baby into the trees, we had a grand time!  THANK YOU mom and dad for letting us stay the week! 


Natalie and Steve said...

Fun fun! I love the Ohio State clothes!

Mom Millar said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad you got to go to Ohio!