Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time for some Lincoln Love

Sausage Link is one cool boy.  He has kicked himself out of the toddler title when he surpassed all the 3-year-olds in size and stature, and is now just a big kid.  You'd think he had all sorts of wise things to say, but its still a lot of jargon to me.  Lincoln is very good at following directions and has such a good heart!
 L is 100% engrossed with the kitchen sink and will fill cups, spoons, bowls, and bottles with water for hours on end.  He will do absolutely anything to be able to watch a Blues Clues episode, and Nursery is his favorite place in the world.   He is most definitely a Daddy's boy and will climb all over him any moment that the two are in the same room.

He does this hilarious side-shuffle-run, and as soon as he starts talking in a raspy gremlin voice, I know he's about to go push Parley.  He still likes to use his strength to show his brother who's boss, but from the way Parley likes to pester, I think they'll be an even match in a few more months.  This spring/summer will be the best thing that ever happened to him, now that he can handle any piece of equipment on the playground.  Super Lincoln is such a great Big Brother and I love having him as my son and friend! 


Mom Millar said...

Lincoln is getting so grown up! Love him!

Natalie and Steve said...

Ha! I love the gremlin voice. I love that as a mom, you start paying attention to things like that.