Friday, May 3, 2013

And a Cherry on Top

Oh life is beautiful!  Lately I've been feeling so utterly joyous and purely blessed beyond measure, that I wanted to record it and shout it from the rooftops, aka my blog.  My life has always been rich and meaningful, surely from living the Gospel the best that I can, but my outlook and my attitude and my sincere acknowledgment of all that my life is right now has recently made it feel as happy as a dream.

So what changed?  Well, first of all, Spring finally came around and the bursting buds and flowers just make me want to sing!  Being away for a few weeks and visiting my other homes--Utah and Ohio--made it a little hard to come back to Mass, but it also made me love our home here even more.  Home is where your heart is, and most of my heart is here!

Secondly, after stewing, searching, and pleading for months and months, I think we finally have a good list of atleast four baby names that we both agree on.  Whew!  Now I don't have to worry about that because it was seriously consuming my thoughts!  Not that we're anticipating announcing anything for still a while.  I obviously have some anxiety about having to make last minute decisions, and I believe pregnant women can make irrational choices, even and sometimes especially when it comes to baby names.

And though I've always found our marriage to be a happy and healthy one, I do believe that it takes constant attention and nourishment to keep it thriving.  I recently read a book, "One Month to Love", and thought it was the best time I've invested in quite a while.  So much of it focuses not on the problems that lie between you and another person, but instead an inspirational motivating quest about how you would treat the last days of your life if you only had 30 days to love.  I started reading, thinking about the things I wanted to change or fix in my marriage, to feeling so empowered about the things I can change about myself to be happier, stronger, and better!  I hope this doesn't sound like a product review, but really, I loved it.  And I'm super happy these days, thanks to all the kind, compassionate, helpful acts of love and service that I'm starting to better recognize going on in the house.

Then again, my happiness could also be traced back to our latest lifestyle change of making molten lava chocolate cakes every Sunday...

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