Saturday, April 27, 2013

The View from our Front Door

Its hard to imagine having a bad day when you open the door and see such a wonder!  In case you've never visited and you didn't know, we live on a pretty terrible street.  High crime, super ugly, trash, trash, trash.  I told a lady in our ward on which street we lived and she said, "Eww, do you like living there?"  But as soon as you reach our block, a miracle happens and at times of the year (see below) you could almost pass it off for a whole different zip code.

Last week, our doorbell rang at 7am, and I ran down to find a city employee asking if I knew whose car was parked in a spot along the street, because a tree was coming down, and they didn't want to crunch the car.  My heart sank, and I thought, "Nooooo!  These trees are the only beautiful thing we've got on this terribly overcrowded ugly intercity Boston street!"  The owner moved their car, and within 5 minutes, these men who were clearly tree-chopping professionals, hacked down and chopped up a perfectly beautiful and thriving tree, threw it in a chopper, pulled out the stump and swept up the mess.  Apparently it was going to soon interfere with some phone lines and someone decided it needed to go, and I had to witness the deed.  It COMPLETELY ruined my day.  Don't even get me started about the Sunday we pulled in to church and found an entire row of breathtaking Weeping Willows uprooted.  I guess call me Camille, the tree hugger.  Appreciate this amazing Spring and don't take even your trees for granted!

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Mom Millar said...

What a beautiful picture! I could enjoy looking out my window at that!