Sunday, April 21, 2013


Here are some stragglers from our Utah trip:
Parley, meet Parley.  
My grandma, made famous in a recent Church News article about how she lives in AZ, but flies in every Wed. to work a shift at the Conference Center, gave us all a lovely tour.
We even got to meet up with Jason's family (Kati & kids, mom, Marc & Diana) for an afternoon amidst the craziness.
Reception prep in Ohio.  Jason flew back home to work for the week, while the kids and I bummed off of my parents.  Parley found every open plant pot in a matter of minutes, and I thoroughly enjoyed being home to watch my sister get asked to Prom and get hired for her first job!  She'll be waitressing at Bob Evans, just like I did for my first job! 

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Mom Millar said...

It was so fun for our family to make the connection in Utah with you and your kids!