Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family Pictures for 2013

 Family pictures!  I know, I know, didn't we just do this?  Well, it was practically a year ago since our last family photoshoot, and I swear the next one won't be til we have a third crazy, so I feel justified. With the mountains in the back and that Gelato sign in the top corner, we are complete!
These were all taken around Center Street in Provo, which happens to be one of my favorite places--where we met and where J proposed--so I'm buoyant about having these pictures taken here.

For this year's photoshoot, I sewed Lincoln's vest (which is reversible and stinkin adorably plaid on the inside), Parley's jeans, and altered his size 2T onesie covered in a kitschy applique into a 12-month shirt.  My dress is from eShakti and Jason is all Old Navy :)
Lincoln's pants were the risky article, but I ended up really loving them!
Thank you to a new friend, Laura, for these pictures!!
And Pedey is a serious walker now!  Over the course of the trip, he went from occasional toddling to solely walking and he's fast and confident!  Oh that boy!
 Aaaaaaand the kids are about done :)


Bill said...

You were literally RIGHT by where I work!!!

That's a great lookin' family, Camille. :)

Camille said...

No way! Why didn't you run out to say hi??

Bill said...

For the same reason you didn't come in and visit, I guess...

Diana said...

I love them all! The outfits are great, especially Lincoln's pants! You guys make such a cute family! No more pictures until three, huh? Are you announcing something ;)

Camille said...

NO! No announcements! Someone thought that the big #5 in the second-to-last picture was also hinting something. Haha, but thank you! Oh those pants!