Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lincoln McQueen

 Pinewood Derby time!  
So even though Pinewood Derbies are usually just for the cub scouts, wards out here with only a couple boys to compete open it up to anyone in the ward, and the Young Men use it as their fundraiser for the year. 
 Despite using every spare minute to study for CFA, Jay found the time to whittle out this beauty!  Promising to use it on every Pinewood Derby car for our boys, he talked me into getting a Dremel.  It IS pretty fabulous, and I'm only kicking myself thinking of hours and hours of time and aching wrists that it could have saved me as I woodburned away on our table.
Isn't it fabuous?!  Great job, Charlie!  Every morning last week, I would come downstairs in the morning and find something 10x more fabulous than when I went to bed.

 Jason could tell you the specifics of how he put it together, but he added more wood to the sides and top, making it much wider and taller than a typical car.  Even with this totally unique style and method, we showed up to find another Lightning McQueen done exactly the same way!  What are the odds?!  Though I think our paint job was better :).  Biased.
 Lincoln LOVED the derby!  The moment it clicked that this was his car, and that Daddy made it for him to race, he beamed with pride after every race, and the two of them have been inseparable.  His bedtime accessories now include blankie, two sippy cups, his knit alligator, and Lincoln McQueen.


Mom Millar said...

That is so cool! It turned out great! Lucky Lincoln to have such a fun car to sleep with!

Sabrina said...

Awesome job! That is a great Pinewood Derby car. Our Cub Scouts are doing a ward Pinewood Derby for a fundraiser this year too. I am excited to see what Brett can do to help our boys.

Robert Hancock said...

Great job with the car Jason! You're already a pro with the Dremel. Dad Hancock

Natalie and Steve said...