Wednesday, May 8, 2013

House Work

We've had some leaking (more like dripping bulges in the kitchen ceiling), and a window crack loose from its frame in the living room, so after repeated and persistent (but friendly!) emails to our landlord, who now lives in CA, our place finally had some much needed work done.
 Its been a little frustrating not knowing exactly what days to expect the workers in the house.  We've had our share of museums, parks, and library days, and we were all going a little crazy being cooped up in our bedroom while kids took naps--their ability to sleep with such intensely loud pounding above their heads is remarkable!  We're going on Day 10, but thankfully they finished working on the interior yesterday.  Here's what it was like inside:
 I only wish I had gotten pictures of the enormous dumpster heaping full of nasty roof pieces.  The workmen said they found a lot of mold and a lot of mildew, among puddles of sitting water underneath the shingles. 
 Throughout the week, its been fun hearing stories from Jason about going on jobs like this with his dad.  I'm sure if Millar Construction had taken over this project, it would have been done in half the time!


Mom Millar said...

Wow! They really had to tear things up! I'm glad it's all on the mend, and you'll soon have your apartment back to normal. And yes, Millar Construction would have done a good job for you, although Dad always used to say you never know what you're going to find when you start tearing things out. (Water, mold, etc.) Happy fixed apartment!

Diana said...

I'm so glad that they finally fixed your place. Maybe it won't be so cold anymore in the winter!

Jay Clay said...

Meh, It's an old building. It will still be cold. :(