Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beach Day!

There are a few sucky things about Boston--mainly the cost of rent and utilities comes to mind--but having dozens of beaches that are within a half hour's drive is really incredible!  

And hey, isn't L's swimsuit cute!  Review item, of course :) You can enter to win any swimsuit from Beach Rays HERE!

We met up with some ward friends this morning and lounged about for a few hours.  It was near 80, but it felt fantastic.  Well hello summer!

"Come and get me ladies!"

This hidden treasure is 6 miles from our house!!  Classic New England.

As expected, actually touching the water is still a no-go.  Maybe by the end of the summer he'll build up the courage!  Parls on the other hand...

I love Lincoln's ability to make friends, despite his limited vocab!  Link had an assessment with the school district last week since he will age out of Early Intervention soon.  At 3 yrs old, the public schools take over in trying to get him up to date by offering classroom days with speech therapists.  He did not do very well.  He cooperated fine, but as the lady would pull out pictures and ask questions like, "Who has more apples?", "Can you point to HER hat?", "Which dog is all wet?", he would just get so excited about the pictures and throw out single words (among jibberish) by exclaiming, "ball!" "red!" "doggy!"  Off the record, I'm told he will definitely qualify.

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Diana said...

I love that picture of Lincoln flaunting his stuff! Your caption had me laughing out loud! What a cute beach!