Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cute Boys, Cute Toys

We got to try out some cute toys this week, so here are my cute boys having the time of their lives.  PS--these are still up for grabs in this week's giveaway.
  There must be few other moments that melt my heart quite like seeing the two of them play together!  I feel like I spend the majority of the day protecting the baby from getting trampled and pushed down the stairs, but moments like these assure me that they WILL be best friends!
 Parley is CRAZY!!!  I thought Link was a terror at this age, but I cannot keep Parley contained in a pew for the life of me.  If ever the bathroom door is left ajar, he mad-dashes over to throw anything and everything inside.  We've lost many a toilet paper roll this week.  My phone survived, some documents did not.  He is such a smarty pants, and I now understand why the 2nd and 3rd child can be at the greatest advantage as far as exposure to vocab, good role modeling, early introduction to numbers, letters, colors, etc.  He is close on Lincoln's heels in just about everything, and I think it will be like that their whole lives.  They will be SO good for eachother in challenging the other to succeed!

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Amber said...

It's official! You have the cutest boys. Word on the street is that you are back in Cambridge 1st ward. I can't even wait to get to know you better!